What can you cook to whip up a delicious Breakfast? for lunch? the fastest and delicious salad? thank you in advance! Questions about food

Try all the hot sandwiches:

Neatly cut from a white loaf, the crumb, RUB it on a grater, add grated on a grater cheese, parsley (finely chopped) and egg(raw). Add salt and pepper to taste. On the pan, greased with sunflower oil to put the rest of the loaf “rings” and put them in our stuffing and fry on both sides. Very, very tasty and quick to prepare. Bon appetit!

Celery root, carrots, Apple, salt, black pepper, garlic, a little mayonnaise.

boiled eggs with boutiques with black bread with plum butter…a loaf fried in lesane(egg beaten with milk,you can add grated cheese)…Kashi natural bags sell ,as it says boil(15-20 minutes) when water flow down,into the pan 0.5 cups of milk to a boil+porridge pack is laid out,to boil+maslechko and ready…very fast and do not watch..

I recommend “quick cakes” out of pita bread ; cut a piece of pita bread into 4 pieces, put any toppings — I love banana(also 4chasti) with cheese, wrapped and podzharivayte SL,oil. 5min. and you can drink coffee.

Nice to make a snack of pita bread, smeared with pâté crab sticks+canned corn + mayonnaise, turn the loaf, allow to soak in refrigerator for about an hour and cut into pieces. Continue reading

Secrets of cooking meats

The food for Us

Meat is a product that has a high gustatory and nutritional qualities. That is why meat dishes feature prominently on the table in any family. To prepare meat it is important to know the specifics of processing of the individual components. Here are some features of preparation of dishes from meat.

The meat of a young animal’s meat is always tastier than old. Young meat is different from the old pale red, and fat white.

Meats from different kinds of meat are never cooked together, as is typical for every kind of taste will alter the taste of the other.

If the dishes where the meat is cooked, 5 minutes before it is ready to put the crust of lemon, it will acquire a delicate aroma.

Lamb chops good bounces, if you slice it across the grain.

To give your meat dishes a distinctive taste, you can add a little sugar (1 — 1.5 teaspoons).

The kidneys and the scars should be cooked in plenty of water and cool in cold water. Continue reading

The Italians cook the most delicious dishes

Gourmets all over the world recognized the most impressive and delicious Italian cuisine. In addition, many national products of the country also applauded by connoisseurs of fine delicacies.

Long tradition and the ability to flexibly adapt to new developments help the Italians over the centuries to keep the “palm” – the most popular recipes were first tested in the IV century BC and then “table” is supplemented by vegetables, fruits and spices, brought from the New world or Asian countries.

On the other hand cook Italy also made a significant contribution to the cuisine of other Nations. In particular extremely sought after today, the Caesar salad, which was born in the North American continent, actually has been invented by Italian Caesar Cardini is named in his honor. The ingredients are easily recognizable for anyone familiar with classic Italian kitchen: Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and a complex sauce based on olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Continue reading

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