Exotic, spicy, delicious with ginger

Exotic, spicy, delicious with ginger

A bit spicy, very flavorful, instantly giving the dish an exquisite new taste: this is, of course, ginger is a great aid to the hostess in the kitchen. See it for yourself, to cook food with ginger for our chosen recipes!

Ginger is an integral part of Asian cuisine, where it is used in almost any dish. That is why most of the recipes evoke thoughts of Asia, but you can go ahead and start adding ginger to your favorite foods, experimenting with taste.

In the classic version of cooking uses fresh ginger. In any supermarket or on the market you can find gray-brown ginger root with a yellow pulp. After purchasing ginger can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks, while you will cut little pieces for your dishes. Just so it is dry, it must be wrapped in plastic wrap.

Peel a piece of ginger, and the flesh finely chop or grate, but keep in mind that grated ginger has more pronounced flavor. But if it is combined with garlic, the result will be just stunning.

Note: the longer the ginger is stored, the more acute it becomes.

Fresh ginger, of course, sometimes replace the ground – it is less sharp, and you can add it to the dish in relatively large quantities. In addition, there are different types of ginger, for example, candied ginger, which is widely used in baking.

Ginger in cooking can be used in different variations. It is well suited to vegetables, in addition, you can combine it with meat or fish. For example, try to cook a very spicy and unique dish – salmon skewers with ginger sauce. Or, maybe you love the sweet and exotic, and you like ginger cake with mango and pistachio? And, maybe, cook lunch noodles with chicken and ginger? In General, what would you choose, the aroma of your house will be just wonderful.