Meat dishes: fried, boiled, baked, stewed

In everyday life we use a dozen main courses of meat.

Meat is the most important role on our table. Since very ancient times, primitive people ate only meat! Because the meat is the main source of protein and animal fat. The meat proteins are digested best of all, 95 percent, whereas vegetable proteins only 70 – 85. But in the liver there is a large amount of vitamin A, hemoglobin and iron.

You might think that recipes meat dishes monotonous, but it’s not. It is enough to change the size of the meat, and you will get a different, a new flavor of meat dishes.

Cooking meat can be divided into four basic ways of thermal processing: grilled, boiled, baked and stewed meat.

Grilled meat

Grilled meat fried on a pan or in the oven. Roasting means a heat treatment with the addition of fats until Golden brown. Meat can fry large pieces and small. As roasting can be carried out on coals or an open fire grill. For frying use the most tender cuts of beef such as tenderloin or fillet. Small pieces of meat are simmered for 15 minutes. Steak all you can cook for 5 minutes. Cooking meat in large pieces is not less than one hour.

Dishes of boiled meat

Dishes of boiled meat more dietary, as a part of the fat passes into the water in which meat is cooked. Meals of boiled meats served with various sauces, cooked as the meat itself is dry. So cooking meat is widely used for soups and broths, saturating them with useful nutrients and enzymes. Water for boiling 1 kg of meat you need to take 1.5 l and cook at low boil. In the water you can add spices and vegetables: onion, parsley root, Bay leaf.

Stews of meat

Stews of meat prepared in a small amount of liquid with various spices or sauce. It’s something between boiling and frying. For braised meat dishes use a stiff piece of meat, such as shoulder, because another method of heat treatment of them can’t cook. Add sauce or sour cream not only improves the taste of food, but also help him get ready faster, because they create an acidic environment in which quickly undergo chemical changes in meat tissue.

Dishes of roast meat

Dishes of roast meat is cooked in the oven. Before stew meat, boil, fry, or stew, but not always necessary. The main goal of roasting is to create a browned crust on a dish. Therefore, the vegetables or side dishes with which to cook meat, must also be partially or fully cooked. Pot roast can be cooked in foil or sleeve. So it will be more juicy and soft. Bake the meat as a big piece of the pork. and small, with the addition of various products – meat and pineapple .

Festive meat – served on any holidays. Is a staple on the holiday table. To your account a La carte dishes such as stuffed cabbage or meatballs. or large items – meatloaf.

Complex meat dishes – those dishes for cooking which you need a lot of time, effort and professionalism. A striking example is the meatballs country-style potatoes.

Light meals with meat – those for cooking which do not need much strain. Many Housewives want to feed your family after a busy day. An easy example of meat – Pork in sweet and sour sauce

Simple meat dishes are those that do not claim the Banquet that you use in everyday food, e.g., Beef fritters. But don’t think that simple dishes don’t taste like holiday. As they say, all genius is simple. And tasty, I might add.