Cold sandwiches: quick and simple snacks

Soon the holidays, a house full of guests or you are going to visit. Rather than go with empty hands. Need to decorate the table, and a lot of things to prepare. There are a lot of recipes. but I want to talk about how quick and tasty to prepare cold sandwiches.

Often before a meal we do not have enough time. On our shoulders lie the cleaning, cooking, we need to set the table and catch myself up to lead. And sometimes you just need recipes.

Don’t underestimate the sandwiches. Though they are prepared quickly, but the taste is not inferior to their neighbors on the table.

Suggested treats can also be eaten for Breakfast. they will make a great starter and will decorate festive table. These snacks are appreciated in many countries of the world.

For example, in Denmark there are about 200, and almost every cold sandwich has its name. And if you imagine that the Breakfast buffet consists of some light meals, it is easy to assume that in Sweden, they love even more.

Now is the time to jump directly to recipes. We will try to find not only a tasty ingredient, but also useful.

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With cheese and egg

In my opinion, it is the most popular sandwiches on the table. They oceanicity and delicious. I replace the bread at the table. In addition, they combine perfectly with all dishes and used as snacks.


2 chicken eggs

80gr. hard cheese

2-3CT.l. mayonnaise

1/3 loaf

1-2 cloves of garlic

Salt, pepper

Method of preparation:

Boiled eggs and cheese, garlic RUB on a grater, add the remaining ingredients and stir well. A loaf you can slice or buy already sliced. On prepared slices of bread, put cheese. Sandwiches spread on a plate and decorate with greens and vegetables. The dish is ready!

Bread you can grill. For this you will need vegetable oil. After roasting the resulting French toast can be stuffed with garlic and then smear the cheese with egg. Also will be very tasty.

With red fish


150gr. salted salmon

½ Loaf of rye bread

150gr. caviar in mayonnaise sauce

2 sprigs parsley

Method of preparation:

This recipe is easy to prepare. We need to cut the bread and spread with caviar. Salmon should be cut along and make the resulting piece rosettes. And then put a piece of bread. The edges of the sandwich, you can put parsley.

This is a very easy and quick recipe, the more you can experiment a little. For example, replace salmon with trout caviar and mayonnaise or a delicious sauce. And you can even spread on bread preparation for previous sandwiches.

A sandwich in a hurry


2-3 slices of corn bread

1 boiled egg

25g. butter

2 medium tomatoes

2 medium cucumber


Method of preparation:

The recipe is very simple to handle even a child. The bread slices should be spread with butter, and on top lay the cucumber. tomatoes, and egg. The components of the sandwich must be cut into rings.

Perhaps this sandwich would not be very comfortable to bite. In this case, you can cut cucumbers, tomatoes, egg finely and mix it up. Next you need to spread the mixture over the bread, buttered. You can decorate the sandwich with greens.

The appetizer chips


1 tomato

100gr. hard cheese

3 cloves of garlic

100gr. dill

100gr. mayonnaise

40-50g. olives

10 chips large size

Method of preparation:

We need to finely slice the tomatoes, dill, crumble the cheese and garlic. Mix prepared foods with the addition of mayonnaise. The resulting mixture was spread on the chips. Decorate sandwiches and a plate of olives. Delicious sandwiches ready to be served.

With ham and vegetables


4 pieces of bread

3-4 slices of ham

2 cucumber

2 tomatoes

Mayonnaise, mustard, pepper, greens

Method of preparation:

Sliced ham, cucumber and tomatoes in thin slices. Separately mix the mayonnaise, mustard and seasonings with greens. The bread should be spread a little sauce and put a leaf of lettuce if desired. Next, put the cucumbers and tomatoes, and top the ham with the sauce. A sandwich hastily prepared.

With strawberries and Basil

And here is a sweet recipe. It is suitable for those who are tired of boring dishes on the Breakfast, or for the sweet tooth. I remind you that some of the ingredients can be replaced


300gr. white bread (baguette)

200gr. strawberry

150gr. yogurt

Basil, nuts and balsamic cream

Method of preparation:

Bread slice and cook until lightly browned in the oven. Sandwiches will be hot, we need bread crunched. Bread put yogurt or sour cream, put half of the strawberries and decorate with all this Basil. The resulting sandwiches sprinkle with balsamic cream and the crushed nuts. Cream you can prepare yourself to buy or use the syrup.

This recipe is perfect for kids. It is difficult to feed, especially in the morning. So often have to come up with something new and unusual. Use the prescription for health.

Our recipes components calculated for a small portion, they are suitable for Breakfast. But if you are preparing for a large feast, you just need to add the proportions in recipes. Remember that you can show a boundless imagination, or even to create your recipe.

For healthier sandwiches, use whole-grain bread.

Don’t forget to clean up the food under plastic wrap. Otherwise they will dry up and severelt and refrigerated sandwiches will quickly absorb the smell of other dishes.

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