What are the most expensive dishes in the world

Will tell you about products not everyone is able to afford.

Do you know what are the most expensive dumplings? Do you know how to grow the most expensive on Earth potatoes? We present you a list of dishes that celebrities can not afford.


Many surprised by the presence in the menu of dumplings – one of the favorite foods of many Russians. Nevertheless, not Russian dumplings topping the chart. The most expensive dumplings in the world can eat in the restaurant “Golden Gates” in the Bronx, new York. Their highlight is that they are not only tender veal, pork and salmon, but also iron fish-torch or Curtius Flame Fish, who lives on a sufficiently large depth. Through a “seasoning” specific dumplings emit blue-green “glow” that is not a barrier to taste. Portion of the eight dumplings will cost you in the restaurant 2400 dollars, and from 16 – 4400.


The most expensive in the world believe the macadamia nut. In ancient times, Australian aborigines it was an indigenous food product these days it is quite rare, besides useful delicacy. Currently grown only two species of this nut. Exclusivity gives the fact that the macadamia tree though it carries the fruit to a hundred years, loves special care. For this reason, and is complicated by the cultivation of walnut and its prey. Eventually in the year proizvoditsya more than 40 tons. Subsequently, in those places where this nut lives, the price for 1 kilogram more than $ 30. And of course dishes from macadamia is a very valuable and expensive.


He was recognized as the most valuable spice. Saffron is in fact the stamens of plants from the family krokusowa. This spice is made by hand – carefully collected, subsequently dried. To obtain a kilogram of saffron it is necessary to collect no more, no less, almost half a million stamens. Absolutely no surprise that the cost of a kilogram of natural saffron comes to six thousand dollars.

The white truffle.

Specific prices for this delicious dish by and large does not exist, because each mushroom is sold at auction. The largest value recorded for the fungus more than thirty thousand euros.

Dark chocolate.

For connoisseurs of exotic delicacies can recommend Chocopologie by Knipschildt is the most precious chocolates in the world. The field of this dark chocolate is America, and the tiles in 453 grams will stand the sweet lover in 2600 dollars.


And the presence of this product on the list may surprise, but this dish is not cheap. The most expensive potato on Earth varieties of “La Bonnotte” costs around 500 euros per kilo. The root crop is grown on the island Normoyle, they get the “Goodies” of course hands. A distinctive feature of the dish is a surprisingly pleasant taste of potatoes.


The most valuable meat in the world is Japanese marbled beef cows, Wagyu. These animals are surrounded by high care and frugality. Each day they watered beer and sake, and food uses only the finest herbs. Quite a long time the Japanese tried to prevent the export of cows for breeding in other countries, however, in our days, these amazing animals are propagated and Australia. But it only led to the increase in the cost of this unique cuisine, because the Australians in the care went much further. So, if you want to taste the taste of this unusual beef, get ready to fork out. For 200 grams of meat you will have to pay in Europe more than 100 dollars, and the most delicate pieces of reach in its value to $ 1,000.


For those who love fast food, invented the most expensive sandwich on the planet. Its full name is “Platinum club sandwich von Essen” (von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich). Find this dish only in hotels network “von Essen.” The price of a sandwich “only” $ 200, and it consists of bread special breed of Iberian ham, white truffles, quail eggs, dried Italian tomatoes and Bresse fowl.


The most expensive pizza in the world offer in the homeland of this food in Italy. It’s called “Luis XIII”, and its price reaches up to 8300 Euro. This pizza definitely make the eyes of the customer, and her recipe includes cheese Buffalo mozzarella, red lobster, three kinds of caviar, lobster and shrimp. The composition is not sodium chloride or even sea salt – is the Australian pink “Murray River”.

The scrambled eggs.

Fans of the strange omelet is the place to taste it in a new York hotel “Le Parker Meridien”. Here you have the opportunity to ask for serve by far dorogostoyaschie omelet in the world, costing a thousand dollars. It is logical to assume that in its composition are not only the eggs, there also includes whole lobsters. Present the dish on a bed of fried potatoes, and decorate it with a scattering of sevruga caviar.


The most expensive salad in the world called “Florette Sea&Earth”. Cook it in the Oxford hotel “Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons”. Rate portions “Paretsky sea and land” is 800 euros, and in the recipe included 50 grams of first-class white Beluga caviar, Cornish crab, crayfish, lobster, paretsky young lettuce, drop of olive oil, red pepper, grated truffles, potatoes and asparagus.

The caviar.

It is considered that the most expensive caviar – a gray or black. It is a wrong judgment, is considered to be the most expensive caviar “Almas” Beluga-albino. To export delicacy from Iran extremely difficult and laborious task, it is Packed in a gold tin and is a real proizvedeniem art, not just culinary. One hundred grams of delicacy are treated in two thousand dollars.


The most valuable among other coffee – “Kopi Luwak” – is derived from grains is not some exceptional varieties, but rather a unique life path. “Kopi” in Indonesian means “coffee” and “Luwak” – a small predator that loves to be pampered ripe fruit of the coffee tree, choosing the best. Coffee he uses much more than able to digest it. Under-digested grain passing through the animal body, undergo reactions of enzymes and, according to fans of “Kopi Luwak”, thereby achieve the exceptional taste and smell. Pounds of coffee that appears through the Luwak, costs from 300 to 400 dollars.