TOP most dangerous meals of the world

Going on a trip to an exotic country, we naturally want to taste the local cuisine. Moreover, many of them look simply stunning in a broad spectrum sense of the word. But not all of the overseas food safe for health. Meet the TOP 10 most dangerous dishes around the world.

We have made a selection of 10 of the most dangerous dishes in the world, after eating which the stomach upset is the most innocent consequence of all possible. And after reading – decide, whether to try these delicacies.

1. Fugu fish (globe fish) . A beautiful inhabitant of the Japanese waters, the venom which initially causes paralysis of the entire body, and then kills. It is called tetrodotoxin and is one of the most dangerous toxic substances of natural origin in the world. The first case of poisoning by this fish was recorded in the distant 1774 and still every year in Japan, it is becoming blamed for at least 10 deaths. Chefs who know how to properly prepare fugu, considered to be the virtuosos.

Why eat this fish if it is so dangerous? As the Japanese say: “he Who eats fugu is a fool, who doesn’t eat – even sillier”. Its heavenly taste legends. In addition, many appreciate the ball-fish for the thrill during the meal, because there is no guarantee that I would make it to dessert…

2. Frog-a bull . The frog that lives in Namibia. The adults reach 25 centimeters in dlinoi weigh up to 600 grams. For local people it is something like our chicken. Frog-a bull also contains the poison, which is why in Europe and made with only her legs, in which no toxic substances.

Especially popular are frog legs in France. The natives eat all parts of this creation, except for internal organs – in which the greatest concentration of the poison. Meat bull frog can be eaten only in the rainy season – otherwise you will have more problems with the liver and kidneys.

3. Elderberry . Unexpectedly after the first two exotic predecessors, right? However, it is also included in the top most dangerous food world, because the composition of elderberry contains cyanide. However, it is only in immature berries, and ripe safe. Of them, by the way, prepare the alcoholic drink Sambuca. And in Hungary there is a special alcoholic drink brandy out of elderberry.

4. Spider-and-ping. Back to the exotics. This spider lives in Tanzania and is one of the poisonous types of tarantula. The local population regarded approximately the same way as we fish caviar. Poisoning from this spider, the size of the palm of an adult man, die on a few people per year, mostly ignorant tourists. The venom is contained only in the fangs of a spider, local craftsmen fry it on a slow fire with garlic sauce and enjoy the tender meat of a spider-and-ping.

5. Fruit Blige (Aki) . Grows in Jamaica. In appearance and shaped like a pear, but rich red colour. Poisonous only until maturity. After Blige will be revealed, you can try the pulp that surrounds its seeds. Prepare Aki is very unusual in our understanding – this fruit is boiled with onion and fish, adding to this dangerous mix and tomatoes. On the other hand, no one said that the most dangerous dishes in the world should be tasty…

6. Cassava . African tropical plant from which flour and cook different meals. If cassava is not to wash before further processing, or to violate the technology of its preparation, there is danger of death. In leaves and roots of plants contain large amounts of cyanide.

7. Cheese Kazoo Marco . One of the most dangerous planet dishes, cheese from sheep’s milk, which is banned worldwide. But fans of spicy gustatory sensations are still able to buy it. After cooking in kazoo Marzo specially hoisted the larvae of the cheese fly. The larvae have a length of 1 centimeter, they increase the speed of fermentation and provide the softest texture of the cheese. Mortal danger, they do not have, but are not digested and can cause poisoning. And yet these maggots can jump a distance of 10-15 cm – protect your eyes while eating.

8. Dung mushroom . Cute name, isn’t it? The taste of mushroom manure is no different from their counterparts. The danger is only for people in a state of alcoholic intoxication is included in the mushroom substances have a high sensitivity to alcoholic couples. Also a negative reaction causes the perfume — so you don’t need to be throttled prior to use of this party’s top most dangerous dishes around the world.

9. Octopus “San NAK JI” . Octopus served with greens, seasoned with different sauces. And he served… alive. San NAK JI is not poisonous, but, continuing to squirm in the throat of the eater, it can cause a panic attack. Each year after eating up his own life more than 6 people. The birthplace of this “dish” — Korea and Japan.

10. Fish-stone . In the dorsal fin of this fish is the strongest poison. A simple touch could kill a person. But if the fin removed, the fish fit for human consumption – it is used for making the sash.

Now are you aware of the most dangerous dishes in the world and can decide for themselves whether to try them or better not to risk it. And we wish you great journeys, safe and unique taste sensations!