The most expensive dishes in the world

Our daily food, absolutely can not compare with those served at elite restaurants. However, even in some meals, can afford not everyone.

As it surprisingly sounds, but the cost of saffron exceed the price of gold. This spice made from the stigmas of the purple saffron flower Crocus. Each flower has just three such stigmas, and for the manufacture of 100 g. spices (dry) have about 50 thousand flowers. So many flowers can be planted a football field. But to prepare some saffron flowers is not enough, also need manpower and laboratory. So the price of that pleasure may reach 5000 dollars per 500 grams.

Diamond caviar

This is the best grade of Beluga caviar with unusual light shade. The older the fish, the lighter the caviar. Because Beluga are very rare fish, the old Beluga catch is quite difficult. The taste of this caviar is very delicious. Banks for her, ALMAS, made from 24-carat gold. This dish can be tasted only in a London restaurant Caviar House & Prunier. And to pay for it will run almost $ 50,000 per kilogram.

White truffle

This species of truffle imported from Northern Italy, with prices reaching $ 3,000 per 500 grams. A record price was paid by Stanley Ho, a casino owner — 330 thousand dollars for half a kilogram.

Steak of marbled beef

Real foodies believe that a steak from such meat differs in taste and smell and even texture. All due to the fact that the meat obtained from cows of the breed “Tajima”, which “sits” on a special diet. In America, the average price per 500 grams of meat – $40-$150.

Coffee Kopi Luwak

This kind of coffee is made from coffee beans passed through the digestive tract of the Asian palm marten, a pretty rare animal. She eats the berries, but they go through the esophagus intact, then they are collected by specially trained workers. During the year we manage to collect only 500 pounds of beans, this explains the high cost of this sort of coffee – $300 dollars for 500 grams.