The birthplace of hearty food: Romanian cuisine

Romanian cuisine is often criticized for calorie, excess fat and salt. But no one will go hungry, because the taste of the local gastronomy quality — above all praise. For centuries their recipes with Romanians shared the Serbs, the Hungarians, the Turks, but many dishes can be tasted only here. What to pay attention in the cafes and restaurants in Romania?

Meat is the basis of any meal

Meat is the basis of everything in the kitchen in Romania. Along with vegetables and feta cheese, it has generated a lot of interesting recipes that caught on and began to form the Romanian cuisine. Popular among local smoked bacon. How many in Romania in different regions, so many ways to spice up the bacon. Often use garlic, paprika, herbs, pepper, but the scent lends itself to the Smoking process. Romanians love to smoked dishes has led to the creation of smoked sausage is another delicious delicacy. Traditionally they are seasoned generously and searing sweet paprika, salt, cumin and garlic. As an option — Mici. These sausages cook without the shell, served hot and toasty much.

What you just criticized Romanian cuisine, fatty cuisine. To welcome guests it is customary to cook pork special recipe: meat, fins and liver fried in its own juice. Popular meatballs. Bolshimkolichestvom seasoned with garlic and traditional herbs (parsley, dill), fried or baked in tomato sauce. Serve this meat dish with rice and mashed potatoes.

Popular dishes of Romania

At first glance one of the popular dishes of Romania Russian tourists not to surprise. This sarmale — similar to our stuffed cabbage. However the methods for preparing the Romanians know much more: instead of stuffing, often take the fish, add the many herbs that in each region can vary, and cabbage are frequently replaced by even sorrel and plantain. Sarmale are usually served with sour cream or grits.

Soups in Romania also held in high esteem. The principal is the bean soup, which in each house are prepared in different ways. In the South it must add some more types of vegetables in regions close to Moldova, the soup is seasoned with dill, in Transylvania it is made more dense using flour. Take the meat to taste, including chicken giblets and vegetables should be preferably young, not fried. Prepared in this way, bean soup — a healthy alternative to fatty meat dishes.


Another famous combination of meat and vegetables in Romania — potato goulash with smoked meat. This Transylvanian dishes in which the taste of smoked meat makes the stew an unusual aroma. The original recipe added in the dish of potato noodles, which are now often served separately as a side dish.

Another Transylvanian dish — pork soup. Unusual it makes the tarragon, which, in combination with the meat gives the soup a special taste. Characteristic dishes — light acidity, which is achieved with the help of vinegar. Another favorite soup in Romania believe tripe soup with added vegetables and celery root. Served it with sour cream or garlic sauce and vinegar.

Always a great idea on the table — a Peasant dish. This is a large plate on which stack of assorted meat, vegetable and cheese snacks: cheese, sharp smoked cheese called “burduf”, bacon, pork chops, meat balls, lots of onions and tomatoes.

Eggplant lovers will surely enjoy Romanian salad, for which this vegetable is roasted on the grill, then chopped and mixed with mayonnaise, onions, herbs and garlic.

Romanian desserts and pastries

Romanian mistress expertly cooked flour products. A meal here ends with rolls, cakes, muffins. One of the favorite cakes has always been considered a sweet cheese pie. But such an unusual combination of local cooks don’t stop: pie for more sweetness, sprinkle with powdered sugar. For cheese sometimes add herbs or substitute cottage cheese.

From Austria-Hungary Romania got dessert, papanas. It consists of a base with a round hole in which to pour the jam, and the ball — put him in the ground and watered the analogue of ricotta or sour cream. Papanas so popular with tourists that rare meal without these donuts. Also sweet tooth you have to try cottage cheese casserole, eleven — she hails from Moldova and is prepared with the addition of cornmeal. Dessert is served in jam or sour cream.

Traditional drinks

Romania wine-growing tradition of old — first grade brought the French and the Greeks, and in the middle Ages the vineyards were replenished with varieties from Germany. The country has long been considered a major producer of wine, although its quality drinks not so well-known. Romania is popular not only famous varieties (Merlot, Pinot Noir), but also local graça and Feteasca (white). Of them produce wines of Cotnari. Thank Cotnari has led to the fact that tourists in Romania are interested in this wine in the first place. The drink has a delicate aroma and is matured in barrels for a short time — the main taste of Cotnari gets in bottles.

The most characteristic of all Romanian regions is drink tzuica. It is a local vodka made from apples, plums and pears, and the strong are made in Transylvania. Tzuica is quite easy to drink and has a fruity flavour. Sometimes the drink is made to heat and add spices — tzuica becomes like a liqueur.