That will cook quickly and inexpensively, but tasty

Ingredients to prepare quick meals

Fish Pollock – 2 pieces.

Onions – 2 heads.

Carrot – 1 piece(large).

Onions – 2 heads.

Vegetable oil.

A bag of cooking rice.

The greens taste.

Chicken egg – 3 pieces.

Sol. Ground black pepper.


How to cook a delicious salad quickly and inexpensively

In advance, remove from the freezer Pollock, so the fish had time to defrost. After this clean the fish from the insides, clean the top. By the way, you can buy peeled Pollack, that is, one fillet, it will accelerate the process of making the salad. Now type in a pot of water and put back the fish. Boil, during cooking, occasionally check how long it takes to complete cooking. Fish should be cooked, that is easily divide into parts. At this time, put to cook the rice. It has been said that it is better to buy rice in bags, as this will facilitate the cooking. You can start to prepare vegetables. Clean the carrots and onions. Carrot grate, onion cut into half rings. In a pan pour a little vegetable oil, put back the onions and then the carrots, fry all until softened. All the products are ready, you can connect to your salad.Prepare the container for the salad, put down, first thing, the rice on top of roasted vegetables and finally, add the fish Pollock, if there is a bone, remove them after cooking. Yes, don’t forget to hard-boil 3 large eggs, then shell and chop into small cubes. At the end add salt and pepper, season with mayonnaise, mix well and garnish with greens. Serve warm. Tasty, quickly, and inexpensively. Now is exactly the time to prepare these dishes. If you look for more of these dishes you can every day to cook a quick meal, and delicious. And, moreover, not a single day in a week you will not be able to repeat the recipe, maybe then you will come up with dishes that are prepared in 15 minutes. Bon appetit. However, it is possible not to doubt that all residents of your home will be satisfied from eating a meal and are full.