The most fashionable recipes

What I like to eat in different countries? Surprising results of a survey of the world’s most popular recipes. On the first places of the European cooking school, and almost exclusively Asian dishes.

Ask any European, more or less familiar with the national cuisines of several countries of the world, which one is the best, and the most likely answer: French. Well, if he’s not Italian, not a Spaniard or Greek, of course. However, developed more recently by the Agency CNN a rating of fifty the world’s most beloved dishes of the evidence of the other taste – the ten best, according to 35-thousand people participated in the survey, has not included any French dish. So, what has changed in our time is culinary fashion?

In the top 10 were several dishes of Thailand. For some it may seem strange, but only not for those who had the opportunity to try the masterpieces of Thai cuisine and, most importantly, to compare them with the top dishes of other national cuisines. But the palm went to Indonesia. Moreover, twice. Yes, imagine that!

So, we suggest you explore the culinary rankings of the fifty best dishes in the world by CNN. We begin our amazing journey!

1 place was given to the Indonesian dish called Rendang (Rendang). It is cooked in milk beef with the addition of lemongrass, turmeric, garlic, and ginger persichilli. According to the CNN audience, this “most delicious” dish of all, what they have ever tasted.

2 place the dish Nasi goreng (nasi goreng), Indonesian also. It’s a mixture of rice, chicken and eggs.

4 place Thai dish Tom yum gung (Tom Yam Goong), which includes so many products, not all at once and will remember. Here are just some: lemongrass, shrimp, tomatoes, mushrooms, limes, spices.

5 place is given to the same Thai dish Pad thai (pad Thai) served with a special sauce.

6th place took Thai salad Som tam (som Tam). It is prepared from papaya with venison and spices.

7th place took the dumplings Dim sum (dim sum). This dish is from Hong Kong, which needs no introduction, as his try all tourists coming to this country.

8th place – Japanese soup Ramen (ramen). This is the first dish with noodles, spices, meat.

9th place – Chinese dish Peking duck . or “Peking Duck”. The first time it is best to try it in Beijing – only here the chefs prepare the dish according to ancient recipes.

10 – dish Thai cuisine Massaman curry (the curry massaman) rounded out the top ten best meals of the world.

The whole rating also looks extremely interesting, so we will present it fully. So, let’s continue.

11 place was given to Italian lasagna (that’s right! lasagna overtook pizza and pasta).

12 the role of Korean kimchi.

13th place – Singapore chicken with rice, vegetables, olive oil, spices and cucumber sauce.

14th place – Indonesian dish Satay . representing a meat sauce.

15 is an American ice cream with nuts and chocolate sauce.

17th place – Italian ice cream.

18th place – French croissants with raspberry jam.

19 took the place of Green curry from Thailand.

20 place went to Vietnamese dish Pho . broth with rice noodles, chicken and herbs.

21 the place is simple and unpretentious dish of English Fish ‘n’ chips.

22 took the place of Egg tart . egg tart from Hong Kong, which is eaten warm as a dessert.

23rd Korean dish Bulgogi . at least a thousand years. It is prepared from meat, rice, vegetables and eggs.

24th place goes to fried rice Fried rice . Thai dish.

25th place – Mexican chocolate.

27th place – Mexican tacos, tortillas with different fillings, flavored salsa, sea salt, garlic.

28th place went pork BBQ, a dish from Hong Kong, dressed with honey sauce with rice and garnish.

The 29th is the Singapore Chili crab . crabs with chili.

31 place – American fried chicken.

32 the place of the departed international dish, preferably prepared with the best cook and no matter where – the lobster.

33 – Spanish paella with seafood.

34 place – Hong Kong fried shrimp.

35 – Italian Neapolitan pizza.

36 place – Thai pork on the grill with lemon juice, garlic, chili pepper, rice, fish sauce and spices, Moo nam tok .

37 place went to American potato chips.

38 place – international vanilla ice-cream with warm chocolate cake and nuts.

39 – Indian Masala dosa, crispy and thin pancakes stuffed with spicy potato.

40 place – Korean Bibimbap . meat with vegetables, rice, egg and spices.

41 place Korean Galbi . meat with spices.

43 place – Mexican fajitas.

44 place – Singapore Lux.

45 – Singapore dish Roti prata .

46 place – canadian maple syrup.

47 place – Italian pasta Fettuccine Alfredo.

48 place – Italian Parma ham.

49 place – Philippine pig roasted whole on a spit, Lechon.

50th place – Vietnamese pork with spices, shrimp, rice noodles, Goi cuon .

Summarizing, you can make a list of the winners, whose dishes have managed to get into the top 50.

Thailand – 7 recipes

Italy – 5 recipes

Hong Kong – 4 prescription,

Korea – 4 prescription,

Singapore – 4 prescription,

Indonesia – 3, Mexico – 3, Vietnam – 2, Sweden – 2, and further, accordingly, one recipe from the UK, Germany, India, Spain, Canada, China, Malaysia, Turkey, Philippines and France.

Odd list, right? We are almost sure that you don’t agree with him! But, as they say, “what city – the temper”. One thing is clear – in the culinary world wind seems to have changed, and began to blow from the Asian cuisine.