Delicious cottage cheese
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The original pickle - a quick and tasty snack without the hassle
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10 of the most delicious Brazilian national dishes

According to popular belief the Brazilian cuisine is extremely delicious meat roasted on a spit. Although the Brazilians are preparing many delicious and varied dishes. Brazilian national cuisine will satisfy even the most discerning palates: in addition to a variety of meat dishes, it offers the luxurious abundance of desserts, the menu is seafood, lots of exotic vegetables and fruits from Amazonian forests.

1. Brazilian cheese buns . freshly baked cheese biscuits that Brazilians often eaten for Breakfast.

2. Mokika . fish Bahia (state of Bahia), stewed in coconut milk together with other small fish with no bones and shrimp with onion, garlic and coriander.

3. Feijoada . the national dish of Brazil made of black beans, smoked pork and other meats. In the course are also bacon, ribs, sausage and beef. Sometimes feijoada is prepared with cabbage or curly cabbage, potatoes, carrots and pumpkin.

4. The pastel de Nata . Portuguese egg cake, sprinkle with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

5. Caipirinha . the national cocktail of Brazil is prepared using cachaca (a strong alcoholic drink obtained by distillation of pure extract of sugar cane), sugar and lime. Various recipes of Caipirinha includes fresh fruit: pineapple, passion fruit, etc.

6. Shurasco. grilled various kinds of meat. To make this barbecue in Brazilian in the course are beef, pork, lamb, and chicken and Turkey.

7. Bolinhos de bacalhau . fried salted cod with a rounded shape are usually served with lime. They say that a great snack on the beach.

8. Shrimp Bobo . shrimp fried in butter, served in a puree of manioc (cassava), with coconut milk and spices.

9. Dragonfruit is one of the most amazing exotic fruits of the Amazon. Sold in Brazil throughout the whole and cut into pieces.

10. Brigadeiros . truffles made with condensed milk, cocoa and butter, covered with a layer of chocolate. Candy “Brigadeiro” is a crunchy chocolate ball with fillings like chocolate spread “Nutella”.