The most delicious salads: signature recipes from the best chefs of the world
The most delicious salads: signature recipes from the best chefs of the world Light salads for the active and shapely, festive salads for welcoming and funny, original salads for a…

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Salads for children

Our favorite kids really need vitamins. Children need to eat salads and not the hot dogs and dumplings. Therefore, we need to know all about what kind of salads are best suitable adult or children. Children need to compulsorily consume carotene — “growth hormone”, its a huge amount found in carrots.

Necessarily in the child’s diet should include beets, pumpkin and apricots . Based on this, one can create a variety of delicious and healthy salads. A great dessert can be fruit salad, this may include a variety of fruits and berries, all depends on how you have enough imagination.

The best combination is Apple, banana, orange and honey, but every Mama will be able to come up with a salad using what loves her baby. No child could resist these Goodies!

Salads for children can be the same as salads for adults, though, it is worth considering one exception . Better smaller to use as a dressing mayonnaise or any other refueling of dubious origin. In the children’s recipes. and the more salads it is best to use all natural, olive oil and lemon, but it all the same if you really want to season salad with mayonnaise, the best thing would be homemade Mayo. In the salad you can also add sour cream or any other sauce made at home from quality ingredients.As for all the “original” store-bought dressings, they just simply kill all the vitamins salad. Just imagine — the use of vitamins and the use of chemicals at the same time, surely this is a terrible combination!

Salads for children should be as correct and useful, because in childhood the main thing is to get the right base vitamin, throughout life your child had a good immune system and suffer less viral infections. Salads with organic vegetables, fruits and berries will help to give what your child needs. Most importantly do not be afraid to experiment and combine them in a way that was tasty and healthy.