10 the most delicious dishes of the world

“There is no love more sincere than the love of food” — once said George Bernard Shaw, and was probably right, how else to explain such a variety of world cuisines, snacks, drinks and desserts? Each country has its own list of main dishes, who knows and loves each native resident and required to try the tourist. And if the country tried to lure naive guests, promising them the best cuisine in the world and presenting their dishes as delicious not only in local but also on a planetary scale, until one day, CNN decided to conduct an independent investigation and find out once and for all, what dishes can be considered the most delicious in the world.

All has been tried hundreds of meals, drinking tens of liters of fluid and earned no migraine caused almost an impossible choice — to define delicious. But the CNN team of professionals has managed and provided the opportunity to introduce you to this mouth-watering list. So read, amaze and take your time to taste:

10 the most delicious dishes of the world.

Kobe beef is the “Rolls-Royce” among beef! It “marbled beef”, or the most famous meat a delicacy, and despite the steadfast name, has a impossible soft texture due to the technology of growing young bulls, which supplies its meat to the table gourmet. This technologyenabled intensive animal feeding only grain in the last three or four months before slaughter, with the full limit of its movement. In the best Japanese restaurants serve sashimi beef that needs no additions or decorations, except for a few drops of Kaffir lime and green tea salt.

Neapolitan pizza – confirmation catch phrase of Chekhov’s close cousin talent, but in this case it is not the brevity and simplicity. Pizzas are prepared from the simplest ingredients: wheat flour, sea salt, olive oil, tomatoes and Basil. It doesn’t even have cheese. The main conditions – a wood-burning stove and the air of Naples.

Japanese sushi and everything Japanese, concise and brilliant in its simplicity. They don’t even need additional representation, they tried every second person in Russia and they survived thousands of variations to please any discerning taste. And of course, there are them better with wasabi, soy sauce and Gari (pickled ginger). You need to eat between different types of rolls or sushi to each one’s taste buds are fully opened and not mixed with others. Even images don’t belong here.

Peking duck is a symbol of China! Recipe Peking duck has become widely known since the yuan dynasty, when in 1330 the physician and nutritionist responsible for the food of the Emperor, Hu Sihui, was published in his fundamental work, “the Essential principles of nutrition”. It is prepared from specially-bred birds (as you might guess, this breed of duck is called Beijing) in huge furnaces. Duck in Peking perfect everything: skin, meat, fat, and even soup left after cutting parts of a duck, which is served after meat.

A place of honor in the list are the burgers . Supporters HLS resent Americans rejoicing but to celebrate this event, rather, the Germans, whose second-largest city has been immortalized on 17 April 1900 deli Louis Lessing. The classic Burger, consisting of chopped grilled burgers supplied inside the cut bread. As a dressing to it is the ketchup (not mayonnaise!), onions, pickles, lettuce.

There are many variations on the theme of Shawarma, but for some (perhaps political 😉 ) the reason for the first rating has hit Iranian Doner kebab . prepared the same way everywhere: from chopped meat, vegetables, spices, sauces, wrapped in pita or lavash. It was his dream to try Tony stark (Iron man), as Iranian kebabs in a large amount is sold on the streets of major American cities.

Lasagna . according to the compilers of the list, the most delicious type of Italian pastas and international food. It can be cooked with almost any toppings and sauces, like spaghetti, macaroni and other relatives. The word “lasagna” originally described the pan for cooking, and lasagna cooked in the furnace in a special pan without a handle, where they had gathered a certain number of layers of thin dough alternated with ragu and Parmesan cheese.

Ham – it is delicious anyway, but in Italy, this simple dish made a masterpiece Parma ham . It was named so at the place of production in the Italian province of Parma. Spicy, melting on the tongue ham with mind-blowing flavor, cut into thin translucent slices any food, from salad to sandwiches whip up, will make a masterpiece of Haute cuisine. The Italians recommend serving it with melon or other fruits.

Chocolate brownie! This is one of the easiest desserts, traditionally rectangular pieces of sliced chocolate cake. But is it just pie. Stuffed with chocolate chips, with cocoa and grated chocolate in a biscuit, with a crispy hot crust and absolutely chocolate, melted substance is able to permanently conquer your taste buds. Especially dangerous and can be addictive in the campaign…

American ice cream. It’s amazingly delicious, has hundreds of varieties and dozens of added to desserts, from the most expensive in the world (“Strawberry Arno” from 1.4 million$ per portion) to various sundae for every taste. Each of them would write separately, but then many times it is better to try once than to read!