What to cook in the New year

What to prepare for the New year of the Horse

Making new year’s menu for years, it is desirable to give preference to dishes like Horses, – the hostess of the year your meal will make sure on your table the whole year was abundance. But first a few tips that will help you cover new year’s table correctly:

Not worth spending a lot of time and effort on complicated meals – guests that you may be hit, but the Horse will impress: in cooking, she appreciates the simplicity.

Prepare for the New year something new – a Horse loves experimenting. But the traditional dishes you can prepare, only if they themselves want, but strictly follow the tradition in the year of the Horse willfully does not necessarily!

To please the hostess of the year, in New year the Foundation of your table should be vegetables, herbs and fruit: a Horse after the animal is herbivorous.

Very well, if your new year’s eve menu will be as many pastries: cakes, pies, cookies, bread. Because the basis of baking – flour, that have grains, the main components of a horse diet.

Down with diets, may food on your Christmas table will be plenty of surprise guests and himself “horse” portions.

Vegetable dishes for the New year of the Horse

Yes, food from the vegetable stand in new year’s eve menu in the first place, as in podorogniy Horses they need to dominate your Desk. However, this does not mean that the meat it should not be. Just if you are not a vegetarian, try to do so in the New year on every meat dish had at least 1-2 vegetable: for balance set the table green salads and plates of fresh cut vegetables.

Furthermore, it is well to combine the meat with hearty vegetables, and meat salads to add as many herbs and vegetables. By the way, our favorite traditional new year’s dish – Olivier – perfectly fits the concept of the year of the Horse, because the vegetables in it no less than everything else.

Farinaceous dishes and pastries in the New year of the Horse

Attention lovers of delicious and hearty meal: flour for the celebration of the New year is to be welcomed, because the flour is made from grain, which is an important part of horses ‘ diet. And it’s not only about cakes but also varieties of pastry dishes of Russian cuisine. Fish and meat pies, pies, pies, pancakes with red caviar and other fillings – the options are endless. All of this will look great on your Christmas table, delighting the eye with variety and making the pleasant hostess of the year of the Horse.

By the way, ideas for baked dishes is not necessary to take only in Russian cuisine – the Italians also left a lot of recipes, which are difficult to lose weight. This is a pasta and pizza and lasagna – treat the Horse, and prepare for the New year some of these wonderful dishes.

Meat, poultry and seafood to the New year of the Horse

Meat, poultry and seafood on the table when meeting year of the Horse may or may not be – they are indifferent to her. Of these products by the New year you can compose any menu, caring only about the right proportions: fruits, greens, vegetables and starchy foods on the table should be more than fish and meat.

The only advice you can give about these products for the New year: try to make of them something new and interesting. From complex dishes that require a lot of time (like jelly), it is better to refuse the Horse of your efforts wouldn’t appreciate it anyway. But to experiment with simple salads, snacks, main dishes. Very well, if in the cooking process you yourself will be fun and interesting! Because the New year is a holiday, but not a reason to drive yourself.

Fruits and sweets for the New year of the Horse

Sugar for the Horse – a real treat, no wonder it is used as encouragement when training. Love the Horse and sweet fruits such as figs, bananas, apples. However, those fruits and sweets, which she doesn’t eat, the owner, the Horse is part of wonderful so that you have all the reasons to pamper yourself for the New year a variety of sweets.

In addition to much-loved Horse apples, dates and bananas, you can decorate the Christmas table all other fruits, including those brought from distant countries. Curious Horse loves to travel and trying new things, so are pineapples, mango, kiwi, papaya and other exotic fruits she would enjoy.

The same goes for the sweets – let the New year will be as much as your heart desires! Good idea to cook pies – combine flour and sweet Horse would be nice. However, all other desserts should not be neglected: the dishes, which include the favorite Horse the sugar, she approves with enthusiasm. Chocolate, sweets, cakes, sugary drinks – a treat for the New year and the Horse, and yourself, to charge for the whole year with energy and positive!