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To date, all increasingly popular quick and tasty snacks, which are a special type of meal, present to the festive table before the main gastronomic exclusives. Most importantly, these meals quickly and easily prepared, do not require special financial and time costs, especially in the case of arrival of unexpected guests. Well, these treats are prepared with all that is in the fridge, be it fruit, generous seafood, poultry, meat, eggs and other products.

In this article you will get acquainted with recipes of snacks, and then can try to compose some original flavor masterpieces.

Thinking about what to cook for a snack . you should consider a few rules of cooking and serving these dishes. If you’re using cheese when cooking snacks and plan to serve them with wine, strong wine with intense flavor, use a spicy cheese; but for soft and weak wines suit soft cheeses with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Quick and tasty snacks are obtained by using as a basis tartlets, rusks, crackers and chips. However, when using kartofelnikov need to be very careful to cook the dish you have just before serving, all the ingredients should be finely chopped until it is a smooth pulp, and refueling (if required by the recipe) must be put an insignificant amount.

If you neglect even one of these rules, the chips quickly get soggy and turn into mush, along with stuffing. So if you’re not confident in their culinary abilities, use crackers, or pay attention to the recipe appetizers on skewers.

So, if you want to surprise guests with an unusual culinary delights, below are some simple and affordable recipes .

How to make tartlets in a hurry

You will need:

twelve pieces of mini-tartlets (these are sold in the supermarket ready to eat)

one hundred and fifty grams soft goat cheese

twelve tomatoes

a handful of fresh Basil leaves

Take the tartlets, gently cover them with rather dense layer of soft goat cheese (may substitute feta or any other available soft cheese).

Gently spread on top of sliced cherry tomatoes and garnish with Basil leaf. Under the same scheme, can prepare meals quickly and easily using salted cottage cheese or processed cheese.

If you can’t taste the Basil, you can replace it with the more familiar parsley, or dill.

When you get the hang of it on simple recipes, try to use the recipes of snacks with potato chips (Fig. 3).

Recipe appetizers with chips, mushrooms and cheese

You will need:

three chicken eggs

two hundred and fifty grams of mushrooms (any on your taste)

two hundred grams of cheese

potato chips

On a large flat plate in a circle large enough spread, concave knutr pieces of chips. In a bowl RUB eggs and cheese, izmelchai finely with a knife or by meat grinder mushrooms (marinated or boiled), mix all and gently spread in a pre-lined with chips.

Will turn out lovely and very tasty “shell”. Quick and delicious snacks ready on your Desk. If you have time, can put the filling in the chips in layers: first the egg whites, then chopped mushrooms, cheese and finally the egg yolks.

In such cases, when you think of what to cook for a snack so special, you can experiment with red caviar and vegetables in the chips, or replace one of the above ingredients serves. Changing even one component, you will get every time a new dish.

Now we have to tell you about the recipe appetizers on skewers . As in any other appetizer, all the ingredients here are interchangeable.

How to make a bright and tasty skewers

You will need:


cherry tomatoes

bell peppers of different colors

fresh cucumber


chicken and shrimp

From this set of products you can prepare meals quickly and simply, merely strung in any sequence you like vegetables, chicken, cheese and shrimp.

If you there is no feta cheese, you can substitute feta cheese or spicy cheese. You can create dozens of combinations of these products, to try a very delicate flavor of the cheese combined with chicken and pineapple; the likeness, portion of salad you can create, strung on the same skewer all the vegetables and chicken, or prepare classic vegetarian dish consisting of vegetables.

The recipe is appetizers on skewers can be limited only by your imagination, so try and experiment!

The recipes of snacks are very diverse, they can be used in pickled vegetables, salted fish, prepared foods and other categories of products, which at first glance seem inappropriate for these purposes.

So you can cut the sausages lengthwise into two parts, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in the microwave. You will get a tasty and quick snack which will satisfy not only adults but also children.

What to cook for a snack for holiday guests, or just for dinner — depends on what is currently in stock in your fridge and your individual preferences. Decoration for snacks can serve as red and black caviar, as well as any greens.