The most expensive foods in the world

The taste and the cost of meals depends on the chosen ingredients. In the review “Just There” – the foods and dishes that stand fabulous money.


Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. Extract the saffron from the flowers in India called Crocussativus (planting Crocus or purple). Sold as a spice in its natural form — the stamens, and in powder form. The cost of one kilo of saffron can reach $6000. This price is determined by the complexity of the spices are collected. Each flower is only three stamens. In order to collect one kilo, you have to manually cycle through 35 to 100 thousand flowers. It is important to know that saffron is harvested only at dawn on the first day of disclosure of the petals.


The most expensive nut is the macadamia. Round nut in appearance and taste like hazelnuts. but find it not so easy. In the year produce a total of 40 tons of nuts. Even in their historic homeland in Australia kilogram of nuts cost at least $3. The fact is that to extract the kernel from the shell is not easy. To get the fruit from the “house” even tried the boiling method, but it loses its useful properties.


Grade La Bonnotte is grown on the French island of Normate in Atlanticocean. Pounds of such potatoes costs €500. Foodies celebrate an unusual delicate flavour of these fruits. The unique technology of growing of exclusive varieties of potatoes has been passed on from generation to generation. As fertilizer use only seaweed. All work on the collection and planting are performed manually. The production does not exceed 100 tons per year.


Over $100 worth of 200 grams fillet of marbled beef. During the raising of cows, Wagyu fed only the best herbs, doing massage to the music, treat them with dignity and respect. Previously, these cows bred only in Japan. Now the breeding of rare livestock species are in Australia and the USA. The Japanese cows fed beer, Australians replaced the beer for red wine. Taste Australian beef is different, but the price for this has increased even more.


The caviar never was worth a little money. But the price of Beluga caviar albino from Iran valued incredibly highly. The delicacy is sold in cans of gold gold 995 samples, and this is jar $2000. Beluga-the albino found in nature is extremely rare, and their eggs take to fish only after the fish will live more than 100 years. Therefore, in Europe during the year sold no more than 10 kilograms of such eggs.


The white truffle is so precious that even does not have a fixed value. The price of each instance is determined at auction. The highest price for a single mushroom paid Hong Kong tycoons in 2007. $209000 cost 750-gram truffle. But there were some precedents when the fungus during the auction just spoiled. In 2004, the lucky buyer paid for the damaged 850-gram fungus 28 thousand pounds.


The price of this seemingly simple dish can be shocking. The restaurant at Le Parker Meridien in new York city offer to buy an omelet for $1000. The thing is that the omelette is served with lobster and sevruga caviar.


The most expensive pizza Luis XIII sold in Italy. You will be able to see what you need to pay €8300. The pizza is cooked only in the presence of the client. It consists of: cheese, Buffalo mozzarella, red lobster, three kinds of caviar, lobster and shrimp .


The most expensive dumplings can be enjoyed in a new York restaurant, Golden Gates in the Bronx. This restaurant is popular among Russian emigrants. They do not spare $2400 for 8 dumplings. Ravioli filled with veal, pork and elk. Blue-green color gives the dumplings part of the iron deep fish-torch.


Even a sandwich can cost a lot of money, if you add the Iberian ham, white truffles, quail eggs. dried Italian tomatoes and Bresse fowl. So tasty and expensive sandwich feed the guests the hotel chain, “von Essen.” “Platinum club sandwich “von Essen” is worth $200.


Salad Florette Sea &Earth is 635 pounds. The food composition includes: 50 grams of white sturgeon caviar, lobster, Cornish crab, grated truffle, asparagus. potatoes. the young leaves of lettuce and red pepper. The dish is decorated with gold leaf and costs £ 635. To enjoy this dish in the Oxford restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons.


Incredibly expensive dessert served in new York restaurant Serendipity 3. For $25000 guests can try ice cream for 25 varieties of cocoa, with pieces of edible gold in a glass with a gold border and diamond in gold accompanied by a dessert spoon, encrusted with diamonds. The price of dessert not only includes the cost of ingredients but also the utensils in which it is served. The dishes you can take home.


The cost of the most expensive tea in the world is $685000 per kilogram. Tea is called da Hong PAO is grown only in the six bushes near the monastery Tianxin in China. The age of these unique bushes – 350 years. Each year, collected no more than 500 grams of the legendary tea. Today for leaf collection is a moratorium.