The most expensive dishes in the world

Dumplings for two thousand dollars and an omelet for a thousand – we found the most famous gastronomic delights with an astronomical price tag

The most expensive hot dog

Chef Mike Giuliano long been the recipe for a dish that foodies would not spare to give $1000. In the end, Giuliano came up with hot dog Hot Dog Mike Juliano, who was recognized by the experts of the Guinness book of records the most expensive in the world. So, what’s inside: fresh baked bun, imported on special order lobster, flakes of edible gold foil, marbled beef. Six hot dogs Hot Dog Mike Juliano, which were prepared by chef Mike Giuliano at the official presentation, four were sold immediately. By the way, the price even surpassed the wildest dreams of the cook – hot dog was priced at $1501.

The most expensive dumplings

New York Golden Gates restaurant, which was opened by the immigrants from Russia, was glorified by the most ordinary dumplings. The recipe for simple dumplings – they are trays kinds of meat – pork, veal and meat of the elk. Special makes them the secret ingredient – crushed glands glowing deep sea anchovy. Add them to the dish to make it look extremely effectively. Under ordinary daylight dumplings are not very appetizing blue color, but the restaurant serves the dish in low light – the dumplings and glow in the dark. Portion of the eight dumplings will cost the gourmet in $2400, and sixteen dumplings — as much as $4400.

The most expensive sushi

Filipino chef Angelito Araneta, working in a restaurant, Karat-Chef in Manila, have created a truly extraordinary sushi. In addition to traditional ingredients such as Japanese rice, sugar, muscovado, Norwegian salmon, mango and pickled cucumber, he used and more rare and expensive – like artesian water 70-year old, 12 year old balsamic vinegar from Italy, foie Gras, crab meat and wild saffron.

However, even the crabs and foie Gras would not make the sushi really precious. The secret is that the chef decorates them with 12 of the rarest pearls found on the island of Palawan, and also uses 4 large African diamond weighing 0.2 carats each. The final touch is edible gold leaf, which wrapped sushi instead of nori. It is not surprising that this masterpiece at a restaurant asking $4300.

The most expensive ice cream

The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate dessert served at the restaurant “Serendipity 3” in every sense can be called the quintessence of the concept of Dolce Vita. The composition of ice cream includes 25 varieties of cocoa, edible gold pieces and a small chocolate bar from “Knipschildt Chocolatier”. It is important to mention the truffle “La Madeline Au Truffle” made from 70% cocoa and vanilla, is worth $250 and has been recognized the most expensive chocolate in the world. Dessert is served in a sundae dish, decorated with diamonds and gold border, and bring to him the Golden spoon again with diamond decor. It is nice that a guest can take an empty ice-cream bowls and spoon. But it will have to pay about $20000.

The most expensive pizza

The most expensive pizza in the world “Luis XIII” prepares young Italian chef Renato viola – and prepared and served at the customer’s home. The chief is convinced that “this price is not exaggerated, if we bear in mind exclusive products and two people who come to the house to prepare it”. Look what pizza: cheese “mozzarella Buffalo”, three kinds of caviar, shrimp, meat lobster and red lobster and rare Australian pink salt “Murray River”. Will take this pizza for 8300 Euro.

The most expensive Burger

One of rather unexpected places to find the most expensive Burger is the van on wheels “666 Burger”, which travels the streets of new York. Created the famous Burger’s “Douche Burger” the owner of the mobile restaurant Franz ALICO. The Burger has everything I love foodies: foie Gras, marbled Kobe beef, gold plate, black caviar, truffle, lobster, Himalayan salt, Swiss cheese “gruyère” sauce and beans rare coffee variety Kopi Luwak. For a Burger ask for 666 dollars.

The most expensive cupcake

The most expensive cupcake in the world – The Golden Phoenix Cupcake is served in a café Bloomsbury in Dubai. The butter for the cupcake order in the UK, cocoa Premium Amedei Porcelena – in Italy, the pods of vanilla in Uganda. In addition, café Bloomsbury buys elite grade flour and organic strawberries-Suite, as well as edible gold foil, which is wrapped in cake, and edible gold flakes for decorating desserts. Strawberries also pour edible gold, and gold complement the serving spoon with chocolate glaze and gold same basket with whipped cream. A dessert specially prepared for the order within two days, and served on a tray two-storey design from the Italian factory Villari. The cost of amazing cupcakes – $1000.

The most expensive omelette

The most expensive omelet in the world served at the restaurant new York hotel “Le Parker Meridien”. The recipe is very simple omelette – eggs and whole lobsters, served on a bed of fried potatoes. Fabulous price due to the decoration – in this role of sevruga caviar, generously covering gourmet omelet. Hence the price – an astounding $1000.