The most delicious salads: signature recipes from the best chefs of the world

The most delicious salads: signature recipes from the best chefs of the world

Light salads for the active and shapely, festive salads for welcoming and funny, original salads for a bright and ambitious. In this section I collect a variety of delicious salad recipes from the best chefs of the world, which are fascinating for its diversity, refinement and culinary creativity.

Salad recipe invented by the Romans, and the variety of delicious salads was invented by the French chef. The first recipe salad consisted of lettuce and endive, different varieties of onions, and as a dressing used olive oil with vinegar and honey.

Until the 19th century the salad was exclusively vegetarian. And only 200 years ago to fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and greens in the salad added meat ingredients. The salad was a full meal not just a snack or an addition to meat or fish.

There was such a thing as “cooking”. How would be surprised by French chef Lucien Olivier, if he could know that his signature recipe of salad with fried pieces of meat of grouse and partridges, crawfish tails and pressed caviar Soviet housewife fully encourage leaving, perhaps, only the name.

Today salad recipes the finished dish and the cooking process filled the Internet. I represent not just recipes for delicious salads and unique dishes. My collection is still small but it’s every salad recipe presented on Food’nChef is a masterpiece of culinary art.

Runs eyes only on the names and you will definitely want to try the roast beef salad, which was offered by Alexey Shvets, and make a salad of roasted vegetables, so easy to prepare and so delicious to eat. You will want to understand what “Thai-Italian friendship” performed by Sergey Kalinin. Philip Duke will sweep you off your feet healthy and light salad with the perfect combination of products. And Dean tried again the langoustine with crab biscuits and a salad of veal feet, you will long retain in my memory a rich and bright taste of this dish.

Enough to distract, delicious salad recipes are waiting for you! Start from the chic for you meals and feel his involvement in the world of high cuisine! Be of good cheer and most delicious salads will submit to your talent!

Organic eggs and crawfish king

Organic eggs and crayfish royalty – salad recipe for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and monitors the correct food. And for those who think that healthy eating is tasteless. You try Here the protein is used in conjunction with the right carbohydrates, all carefully thought out and weighed. The right combination of products, quality ingredients and lots of nutrients in one dish!

Salad of smoked chanterelle and porcini mushrooms with garlic chips and thyme oil

Recipes for delicious salads entice, capture and inspire the exploits. Are you ready? So, it’s time to take a basket and go to the forest in search of mushrooms because the chef Aleksey Shvets offered another salad recipe. Salad of smoked chanterelle and porcini mushrooms with garlic chips and thyme oil – the name already gives you an appetite. Trust me, the mushrooms combined with aromatic oil sound indescribably delicious!

Roast beef salad with miso dressing

Can get along harmoniously together European and Oriental cuisine? Easily! Roast beef salad with miso dressing – a clear confirmation. Salad recipe combines the delights of French and English culinary cultures and traditions of Japanese cuisine.

The langoustine with crab cake and salad calf

Pinot Lavarra not only two Michelin stars, but also a happy chef restaurant with the best in Hong Kong a panoramic view at a height of 400m. Here comes all the unusual and extraordinary Crab cookies with roasted langoustine, salad of calf and truffle sauce will seduce you at first sight!

Salad recipe of roasted vegetables with slices of rye bread

What could be better than a salad of roasted vegetables with slices of rye bread, which has produced a great person and a good chef Aleksey Shvets? Light salads are good any time of the day or even at night!

Recipe rabbit with salad, goat cheese and berries

You have a sad mood? You want to dream and create beauty? Then another masterpiece from two masters of Haute cuisine is for you! Recipe rabbit with salad, goat cheese and berries – a light and elegant dish, very feminine, but suitable for men.

Salad recipe “Thai-Italian friendship”

The most delicious salads that combine the best achievements of various culinary traditions. Salad recipe “Thai-Italian friendship” combines the passions of Europe and Asia! Got an Italian salad with Thai dressing and a mix of Oriental greens. Simple and delicious!

That’s all for now, but that is still! Life is too short to spend it on food. So I will continue to search for and collect light salads, holiday salads, the most delicious salads to complete your collection and amaze you!