Delicious cottage cheese

Take advantage of our delicious cottage cheese

In the last article I tried to tell about the useful properties of curd . Delicious cottage cheese I cook by its own economical recipes. These original recipes I use constantly. All the dishes from curd I is conventionally divided into two categories. The first group was identified dishes in which the product does not undergo thermal treatment, remains in its natural form. The second group is subjected to heat treatment.

Raw is best to use the cheese homemade, but unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to purchase home product. Cottage cheese from the store are not advised to keep a long time in the refrigerator, so as to quickly develop harmful bacteria.

We would like to add, for preparing the tasty dishes, the cheese home, store or in bundles, it is best to RUB through a strainer or crank through a meat grinder. In this form it becomes like a cream, will have a delicate texture, the taste of it changed for the better. So prepare yourself, I think You’ll like it!

Often the cheese is boring, not everyone loves him. Want to cheer yourself up or feed the delicious picky kids? Prepare colorful meals. In summer and autumn, I try to combine dairy products with vegetables.

For example, in tasty orange dish, uplifting.

For a tasty recipe take 200 grams of cottage cheese, add 3 of nutritionally medium size, with sour cream or honey. Can be done differently. Whisk cream cheese or a small amount of water, mix with the chopped nuts, grated carrots. It turns out delicious! Finely chop green onions, parsley, mix with cottage cheese. The dish will be green. The dish will be pink if raw grated beets to combine with cottage cheese, whipped cream or cream.

Cottage cheese you can buy in the store, and I advise you to cook delicious food at home, preparing simple and easy.

Homemade curd

Whipped cream cheese or sour cream, combine with finely chopped pre-soaked dried apricots and raisins. On top sprinkle with nuts. You can decorate with slices of apples, mandarins, oranges, plums or other seasonal fruits. Can serve as a festive dessert.

Apple pie cottage cheese

Wipe with 0.5 kg of cottage cheese, combine with a Cup of cream or sour cream, add honey to taste. 300 grams of stale rye bread grate on a grater, add the cinnamon. 6 coarsely grate the apples. Form grease with oil, put layers of cheese, bread, apples and again to alternate. The top should be a layer of bread, serve with whipped sour cream and bake. You can decorate with fruit as desired.

Delicious curd

To grate 2 carrots, add 2 tablespoons of semolina, 2 eggs, 0.5 kg of cottage cheese, to taste sugar or honey 2/3 Cup flour. Mix, it’s going to be not very steep dough. Make the curd, roll in flour, fry.

Cottage cheese fritters recipe

Boil 2 beets, peel, RUB on a small grater. To peel 2 apples, grate. One Cup of flour, mix with 0.5 kg. of curd, add 40 gr. butter, softened, 2 eggs, Cup milk, salt. Prepared apples, beets to combine with the mixture. Fry fritters, a tasty drink with honey, jam.

Cooking lazy dumplings

Lazy dumplings is a delicious, healthy and economical dish. Cooking does not take much time, can be done in a matter of minutes.

Take 0.5 kg of cottage cheese, 2 tbsp flour, sugar and salt. Knead not very steep dough. Roll on the Board, floured, long sausages. The diameter of the sausage must be no more than 2 cm, cut them, cook in boiling salted water, to simmer. Ready the dumplings should float to the surface. The table is served with greens, sour cream or butter.

Recipes for cottage cheese pudding

Through a meat grinder to crank out 0.5 kg of cottage cheese, add 30 gr. semolina, 2 eggs, whipped 1 tablespoon sugar, 30 gr. melted butter, 100 gr. raisins (soaked and dried), vanilla. The pan or baking sheet to grease with oil, pour the breadcrumbs, put them in a casserole. The dish smooth, grease cream, drizzle with oil, and 20 minutes to bake in a hot oven. Eat with sour cream.

RUB on a small grater 0.5 kg. of boiled or raw carrots, combine with 200 gr. cottage cheese, add 1 egg, honey to taste, 60 grams. soaked white bread without crust, salt. Place the casserole in the greased pan. put the pieces of butter, bake.

In home cooking, delicious dishes from cheese occupy a place of honor. I’ve told You about their favorite recipes, actually a large number of them. Every woman has their own tested recipes. I say goodbye to You today. I wish You delicious recipes.