Decoration salads – original ideas

It seems difficult, get a variety of vegetables, lettuce, mushrooms, parsley. Chop, mix and the salad is ready. But it is important that the dish was not only delicious, but also beautiful. Decoration salads – the process is no less fascinating than their preparation. Here we will show some interesting design options of dishes that can take pride of place on any festive table .

Try your salads were bright, they combine ingredients of different colors – green, red, yellow, orange. This will not only give a beautiful look to the dish, but will affect the appetite and reinforcing it.

The basic principles of decorating salads

To decorate the salad, take the same products that make up a salad or are good to match. For example: salad Olivier. which includes meat, fish or Mimosas you can decorate the potatoes, boiled carrots or egg, for example, in the form of lilac: put on the dish the salad, lilac blossoms made from painted beet juice egg whites, grated on a coarse grater, white – grated from just protein. Circle sprinkle the yolk and the protein and between inflorescences lay sprigs of greenery.

Submit a salad in a beautiful vase, glass or wooden bowl with original resubido the edge, or in a pan unusual shape. Unusually will look salad, served in a pumpkin, melon or pineapple, peeled from the flesh. It will definitely impress your guests and will long be remembered. Here is a recipe easy to prepare cabbage salad with pineapple.


red cabbage – 200 grams

canned pineapple – 150 grams

canned corn – 100 grams

carrots – one thing

cucumber – one thing

lemon – one piece

walnuts chopped – 50 grams

mayonnaise, four tablespoons of

Mix all ingredients, season with mayonnaise and spread on pre-cleaned from the pulp of the pineapple.

If the table is served several salads, it is better to decorate them in different ways, but do not overdo it, excessive decoration can also degrade the appearance of the dish. The edge of the salad bowl should be free from food. Decorate the salad before serving, otherwise the jewelry can lose their appearance and become unattractive and unappetizing.

Mixing different products can be obtained in different colors. Here are some examples:

Burgundy – poached beets

red – tomatoes, peppers, cranberries, pomegranate seeds

pink – cranberry juice or beet

yellow – sweet pepper, egg yolk, colored with saffron, rice, corn

orange – carrots, sweet pepper, tomato paste, carrot juice

blue – rice or grated egg white, colored juice raw red cabbage

green bell pepper, dill, parsley, green peas, olives, grated boiled spinach, cucumbers

purple – red cabbage

lilac – grated egg white coloured with beet juice raw

white – radish, radish, egg white, sour cream, potatoes, rice, whipped cream, cottage cheese

Carving fruit and vegetable carving has become popular in recent years. Decoration for salads can be made from different products such as: cheese, if you slice the figure with a knife into pieces of different shapes – triangles, squares, rhombs, and so on. The peel of lemon can make curly cuts, and then cut it into thin slices.

From cucumbers, you can make bells, cut into ribbons and turn them into roses, cucumbers and eggs – lilies. Thick cucumbers can be turned into baskets and fill them with sour berry or small radishes.

Tomatoes come in handy as muhomorchik and roses and radishes to cones and love. Just soak them in cold water, that came out bitter. Chrysanthemum, made of radish, it will look amazing.

And the eggs! That only of them do not. Mushrooms, petals, flowers. They rubbed, incised, cut. Here’s how to decorate potato salad in the shape of a flower.

Great decoration for salads are mushrooms. Mushrooms, chanterelles, mushrooms, boletus, beautifully cooked and pickled. The view alone is worth salad mushroom glade. from which your guests will definitely be delighted.

Lettuce lined salad bowl or put it in a separate bundle. They not only decorate the dishes, but also very useful.

And look what beautiful work salad Sunflower. Garnet bracelet and well known herring under a fur coat. I hope that these tips will help to give a festive look to your dishes and turn them into real culinary masterpieces.