The most expensive dishes

1. “Chocopologie by Knipschildt” is the most expensive chocolate in the world. The treat is made only manually by the American firm “Knipschildt Chocolatier”.

Of course, it’s dark chocolate, which is not intended for long term storage Recipe includes cocoa chocolate ‘Valrhona’ with lots of exclusive ingredients. For 1 pound (453 grams) treats will have to pay 2600 dollars.

2. The most expensive dessert in the world can be enjoyed in the new York restaurant Serendipity 3. Ice cream for 25 varieties of cocoa, decorated with pieces of edible gold and topped with whipped cream and a small chocolate La Madeline au Truffle, served in a diamond encrusted gold border and glass with a gold spoon, also decorated with diamonds.

The desire to taste the dessert, which cost 25 thousand dollars, must notify in advance. And empty dishes the client has the right to take home.

3. The most expensive pizza in the world under the name of Luis XIII offers only 8300 Euro, a young Italian chef Renato viola. According to the author of dish, its cost is not exaggerated, if we consider exclusive foods and 2 chefs who prepare to go home. In addition to the basics, pizza is prepared in the presence of the customer.

It includes: Buffalo mozzarella, krasnyanky, 3 types of caviar, lobster and shrimp. In this pizza even salt is not regular, and the Australian pink Murray River.

4. The most expensive dumplings in the world can be tasted in the Bronx at the restaurant for Russian immigrants Golden Gates. Their uniqueness is that the composition, in addition to veal, pork and moose meat includes iron deep fish-torch (Curtius Flame Fish), making ravioli even with moderate light spread of blue-green light and it is completely edible and even very tasty.

Portion of 8 dumplings will cost 2400 dollars, and from 16 – 4400.

5. The world’s most expensive meat is the marbled beef, which is and smell, and taste, and the texture on the cut of meat resembles the natural pattern of a noble stone. The cost of such meat up to 100 dollars for 200 grams. fillet, and some, particularly pieces of tender offer and $ 1000.

Such a high price of meat due to the fact that Japanese give his cows Vagiu. These cows for centuries, bred only in Japan, respectfully they were treated and fed only the best grain and the best grasses, and to increase appetite drink excellent beer. In addition, to improve digestion the bulls definitely do give a massage and listen to Japanese classical music.

6. The world’s most expensive omelette can be enjoyed in new York the restaurant at Le Parker Meridien. It is the exclusive dish 1000 dollars. In addition to constant egg omelet dobavlyayut whole lobsters. Amleto is decorated with ten ounces of sevruga caviar, served on fried potatoes.

7. The world’s most expensive sandwich is the von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich (“platinum club sandwich von Essen”). It can be enjoyed in the hotel chain “von Essen”, by paying only … about 200 dollars.

It consists of: Iberian ham, chicken, hard-boiled quail eggs, white truffles, prepared on a special sourdough bread and dried Italian tomatoes.

8. To try the most expensive caviar in the world only in restaurant Caviar House & Prunier located in London at Piccadilly. This is “Almas”, is occasionally exported from Iran the Beluga caviar-albino.

Diamond caviar is the most expensive and high quality grade Beluga caviar. She has extremely pale hue, saturation, which depends on the age of the fish. Diamond caviar has a very refined and delicate taste with a special nutty flavor. One hundred grams of caviar, Packed in a jar of 24-carat gold, will cost about 5 thousand dollars.

9. Florette Sea&Earth is the world’s most expensive salad . It is possible to try the restaurant at Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons in Oxford.

Among its constituent delicacies to 50 g of selected white Beluga caviar Almas, Cornish crab, crayfish and lobster. The Creator of this culinary masterpiece Raymond Le Blanc added some more grated truffles, paretsky young lettuce with a drop of olive oil, asparagus, red pepper and potatoes and garnish the dish with gold foil. One portion of salad “Florenskie sea and land” worth £ 635.

10. In honor of the 75th anniversary of the tea company “PG” English goldsmiths created the world’s most expensive tea bag . manually decorated with 280 diamonds. Price tea bag 7,5 thousand pounds sterling.