The most exotic dishes

A person is able to eat anything. I chose the most exotic dishes, in my opinion. Don’t know how they taste, but try them I just could not resist.

Cheesecake Alligator

In Louisiana, where commercial breeding reptile, alligator meat is widely eaten. In new Orleans at one of the restaurants came up with a delicious cheesecake, main ingredient which is the meat of toothed monster from the swamp. The composition of dessert including cheese, shrimp, sausage and alligator.

Bitter melon

In Africa and Asia is growing very bitter melon, which is used in cooking. The composition of the fruit includes momordicin, and it attaches to the melon, the tartness and bitterness. To dull the bitter taste of the fruit is used salting and blanching as a method of cooking.

The consumption of this melon in food due to its unique combination of vitamins and minerals, reduces the level of sugar in the blood. Rumor has it that HIV patients this miracle melon can help.

Blood language

It is possible to try in Germany. Prepare this appetizer of beef tongue and blood, the taste of which is exquisitely felt.


The delicacy consists of the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep, mixed with oatmeal, bacon and onion.

Typically,Haggis is served at the dinner on 25 January, the birthday of Scottish poet Robert burns. On this day many families of Scots are going to commemorate the poet.

Live crabs

This is the most recent dish: delicacy still moving on the plate. In its preparation plays an important role speed. The faster you cook, the quicker the food.

Cactus (prickly pear)

After removal of cactus thorns has become a universal ingredient that is used in any form. He has a subtle flavor, contains vitamins and minerals.

Addition to the dish of cactus — delicious natural mineral water.


A very popular snack in the Australian Outback. They are usually eaten raw or cooked under hot ashes. Larvae and caterpillars – storage protein.

PS In Kiev at all desire to die of hunger will not work. Hrum hurt, will deliver the food (sorry, not the cheesecake from the alligator, and live crabs, and Australian caterpillars…) in a matter of minutes after ordering.