Beer snack – Article – Healthy – Home bar – cocktail making at home

Who would have thought that beer foamy drink “aged”. It is almost 7000 years! It turns out that in Ancient Rome or Egypt the divine taste of the beer has long been appreciated – they cooked it in various ways and served on the table under all sorts of snacks.

Today, among the “treats” beer feast favorites are the snack, filled with roasted or fried meat products, dried fish, seafood, cheese, potatoes. Of course, grocery stock of beer you can buy in the shop, but much nicer and tastier it will look only in the case if you cook beer snacks at home . Although you probably have a few recipes of snacks for beer that you’d like to share.

We offer a few easy recipes of beer snacks that can be cooked quickly with your hands until the beer is not sour, and guests.

When cooking use canapés small pieces of bread and a variety of slide products, which is applied uniformly at each other and pierced with a skewer. Filling fit meat and fish delicacies – baked ham, balyk, ham, ham, herring, etc.

When creating canapés to beer successful will be those flavor combinations when added to bread:

butter, on top of a boiled egg, a spoon of red or black caviar;

a mixture of butter, mayonnaise and garlic, some roasted mushrooms, olives and sprigs of greenery;

slices of tomatoes, blend of cheese and garlic.

fish or meat pate, a small slice of lemon, and of course, greens.

Any available bread (westerny, loaf, baguette) cut into slices about 1 cm thick.

Fry in a hot pan with refined or sunflower oil, if desired.

When croutons have cooled, you can RUB them with garlic salt. On top of the fried bread can be spread with cheese mass (any grated cheese) with pureed boiled egg and butter (mayonnaise or sour cream).

For decoration would suit a sprig of greenery. Quick and tasty, isn’t it? What other recipes for making toast, I wonder?

Onion rings

Sliced onion, split into individual rings.

Roll them in a mixture of flour, salt and pepper.

Lightly dipped in beer batter and fry in hot oil in a frying pan. Putting rings on a napkin.

Wait until piping hot onion delicacy to cool down and “spend” the extra fat. Then shift into a beautiful roomy dish and most of vinoti to the guests.

Bread cut into small slices, similar to the “Kirieshki”.

Salt with coarse salt and some aromatic additive (meat, for example).

Gently lay out on a baking sheet and place in a well-heated oven for a few minutes.

When the aroma of toasted bread begins to tickle the nostrils, the food is ready! And hurry up, or else you won from embers crackers. And do we need it?

Cheese balls

On a fine grater to grate hard cheese, garlic, boiled eggs (the amount of ingredients depends on the availability of food basket and number of guests). While it may be smart friendly owner took care of it in advance and called dibs on the fridge with the necessary products, who knows!

Roll in haste fun balls, roll in powdered breadcrumbs and fry until crisp.

Put “siriki” on a paper towel (napkin) and then to bring to the table. Guests-we have been waiting for!

Baked sausages

The sausage should be cut on the edge, grease the inside part of mustard, there to add a small piece of cheese.

Tie full of delicacy with a slice of bacon, secure with skewer.

Share on hot baking sheet and send in the oven.

Bake in the oven to form a crispy crust. As soon as the spirit will blow cold, it’s time to take!

After all, patience to wait, there will be no! Divine fragrance!

Stuffed eggs

Boil some eggs, cool slightly, peel carefully (because guests don’t want any surprises from the shell), cut them in half, remove the yolk bright.

For the filling eggs-use the yolk, herring fillets, small Apple (better sour), butter, onion.

Deviled eggs can gracefully tossed with greens.

And what are the filling for stuffing eggs with your beer? For example, from deli meats or veggie platter?

Pre-test is taken purchased prefabricated or “vyuzivame” from the freezer made with your own hands. On the surface of the test laid out everything that is in the fridge and is suitable for cooking pizza – sausage, ham, mushrooms, olives, peppers, onions, cheese. All this variety is cut evenly and laid out on a test “f”. First pizza smeared with mustard, tomato paste, ketchup, whatever. The edge of the pizza base is not lubricated. Then spread the products, you start with meat, then vegetables mushrooms, olives and grated cheese. Sprinkle evenly with salt and spices. The pizza put in the oven for 15 minutes, do not forget to periodically check its availability. Interestingly, while there is a more easy way to prepare pizza to the beer?