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Salad recipes for the New year

Salad is probably the only dish that is loved by all. It is cooked almost every day. And if on the nose the holidays, any self-respecting woman will choose in advance salad recipes for the New Year . March 8 . birthday and cook at least 3 salads. The salad can be different: fruit, vegetable, mixed, puff, with the addition of different sauces and various ingredients.

Word salad is the only dish in which to put everything, including incongruous products. For example, I read in one book how the French chef was advised to make a salad from banana I. herring! Of course, I wished my stomach, but realized that to experiment is very, very good. Not only in salads and other dishes.

Whichever the salad You took to do need to follow some rules:

Products for salad must be of good quality, not expired and not defective.

Thoroughly washed, brushed and prepared for the salad.

All the products in the salad must be of equal size or the size of an indivisible product. So, if You are prepared, for example, “Olivier”, all cubes should be the size of a pea. In this salad the pea – an indivisible product.

But the rules are always violated. The main thing that was tasty.

since the holiday do not have to wait long. Advance warning that people’s tastes are different, so don’t get mad at us if You have something not to their liking.

Salad recipes for the new year

Onion salad

For 4 servings You will need: 2 apples, Roquefort cheese (200 g), leek (500g), lemon and orange juice to 3 tbsp, walnut kernels (80 grams), sesame oil (2 tbsp), parsley.

Method of preparation:

1. Wash the apples, remove seeds and peel and cut into slices. Leeks thoroughly washed and cut into rings. The salad mix.

2. Sesame oil whipped with lemon and orange juice, pepper and salt. Pour over the salad. Cheese cut into slices and arrange on the surface of the salad with walnuts. On top of the salad serve with whipped cream and garnish with greens.

In the recipe, use Roquefort cheese. But I think you can substitute it with any cheese.

Cheese salad

For 4 servings you need to take: cheese (300 g) cucumbers (200g), sliced poultry meat and sausage (250 g) of lettuce, bunch of green onions, salt, pepper, vinegar (5 tbsp), butter (30 g), vegetable oil (6 tbsp), 2 tsp. mustard, brown bread (150g), cut into pieces.

Method of preparation:

1. Onions clean and cut into small tubes. Sausage cut into semi-circles, cucumbers – cubes, cheese strips. Finely chop the lettuce. Mix.

2. Prepare a filling of spices, vinegar, vegetable oil, mustard. Pour over salad, mix and let stand 30 minutes.

3. Diced bread fried in butter and sprinkle them on a salad. If desired, the salad can be decorated with a bow.

Fruit salad for dessert

For 4 servings you will need: green grapes (200 g), 2 apples, 1 peach, 2 bananas, 4 grapefruit. For the filling – low-fat yogurt (about 4 tbsp).

Method of preparation:

1. Fruits carefully to wash, to drain the water, peel and seed, then cut into slices. Each grape cut in half and clean from seeds. Pour the yogurt and mix well.

2. Take a grapefruit and cut the fruit with the lid. Then carefully spoon remove all the pulp. Of latest deleted “bitter” film and cut finely, add to other fruit.

3. In grejpfrut salad bowl blend lettuce and decorate to taste: whipped cream, fruit pieces.

Salad “Tenderness”

You will need: onions 1 PC. bitter Apple 2-3 pieces of boiled egg-2-3 PCs. cheese-200 g mayonnaise greens for decoration.

Method of preparation:

Salad is laid into a deep dish with a wide bottom. All the ingredients are rubbed on a fine grater, right into the dish, cut onion into small cubes. Stacked layers in this order:

Again repeat layers 2-5. Then cover the salad with mayonnaise and decorate with greens.

Whatever You choose salad recipes for the New Year . I advise you to follow another the most important rule. The holidays are not experimenting. Therefore, before submitting a new dish on the table, prepare some for yourself, try. And it may happen that tempting at first glance, the dish really You have no taste.