A light salad every day

When people decide to gather all together and to celebrate any party, the table will pronostics a couple of tasty salads that will delight with appetizing appearance and excellent taste. Because it is one of the most favorite cool dishes that allow you to combine different products, to complement conventional recipes with new ingredients, creating completely new combinations of flavors. But even the most savory salads can be not so useful as we would like.

For example, traditional Olivier salad, generously dressed with mayonnaise, is a very nutritious dish. But it’s another thing if you serve chopped vegetables or fruit with a small amount of olive oil or tart balsamic. Such salads can decorate a festive table, but not to bring harm to such a huge chiseled figure as their more sophisticated brethren.

How does rassredotochit to “heavy” and “light” salads, what is the difference? Normally, there are two main aspects on which they differ is the ease of digestion of the salad, and its calorie content. Recipe light salad, usually plant-based food, which includes various types of fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots and spices. In vegetables not contains huge amount of calories, they are quite simply digested by the body, and after no tazhestyu tummy.

Role in fueling similar light salads suitable sunflower or olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar or sauce based on low-fat yogurt. In turn languid salads contain too much meat, cheese, sausages, various smoked meats, products that are atypical for salads (for example, boiled noodles) and dressed with mayonnaise. If you take these products separately, they are normally digested by the body, but similar a combination of their learning slows and they become a stone in the stomach, which is not so easy to dissolve.

So we can say that the most tasty and light salads are those that can excite the appetite, to please the taste sensors and amuse you with its lovely appearance. After all, the decoration of the salad is the same principle as its manufacture. Original and beautifully decorated salad is capable of transforming a normal everyday dinner in a unique meal where you can not only enjoy the taste, and at the same time to measure the atmosphere.

Distinguish the majestic huge number of recipes of salad of vegetables and fruits. There are hundreds of recipe books , and each family has its own recipe easy salad, which is her signature dish and is as delicious.

Easy salad recipe for each day.

The easiest salad recipe is quite simple. He concludes that all the freshest vegetables available in the house, washed, cut into small pieces, season with salt and add olive oil. Make a mistake in its production is practically impossible, and destroying its taste too. On the same principle and are made of different homemade salads, which we enjoyed eating in my childhood – “cabbage”, “vitamin” or “spring”.

So there are more unique recipes for light salads, which will allow you to vary your daily diet.

Unique vegetable salad.

This salad is perfect for autumn or winter, as during this period on the shelves, there are many overseas Chinese cabbage.


Cabbage – 1 forks.

Canned corn – Bank.

Tomatoes – 2 pieces.

Cucumbers (small) – 2 pieces.

Lemon juice 0.5 lemon.

Cheese – 150 gr.

1 teaspoon of sugar.

Herbs, pepper, salt.

The recipe:

Wash the vegetables and cut into large chunks. Then they need to fill a specially prepared sauce. To manufacture it in a bowl mash the cheese with a fork or spoon, then add not a huge amount of vegetable oil and mix. Later add the sugar, lemon juice and spices. The herbs very finely and add to the bowl, again painstakingly stirred its contents. The sauce is ready and it can be drizzled over the salad.

If you expect to throw a little salad for later, do not mix all the vegetables with the dressing immediately. Keep them in separate bowls in the refrigerator and when you desire to taste the salad, simply mix the required amount of goods with the sauce before serving.

A light salad with seafood.

If in a light salad to add some seafood, it increases the amount of the right nutrients and vitamins it contains, besides the usual meals occurs and a unique unique flavor. For example, the recipe is easy salad with shrimp can be prepared in just 30 minutes.


Shrimp (medium) – 10 pieces.

Lemon juice – 2 tbsp.

Sweet pepper – 2 pieces.