Christmas salads and snacks : Ideas for Christmas table

This is the definition for the mascot of the next year on the Eastern calendar. Also varieties of characters can be considered sheep, lamb, goat. The eyes that figure out a way to make original decorate Christmas table, vistas experiments! Of course, the dishes on the holiday table can be supplied in the form of these animals! And yet, before the preparations of new year 2015 dishes advise you to sit down and remember the most famous representatives of horned animals. Shaun the sheep (and Timmy), Dolly the sheep, the Goat-Dereza – they will be able to decorate your table and please the guests! In order to offer you other ideas of Christmas food, we dug up the whole Internet and found something interesting. This time it’s about Christmas salads and appetizers, but apart from them, you will find several original sets!

1. Salad Sheep. Look at how beautiful you can make a large tray of festive salad. More precisely, the salad will not be in the tray, and on a flat dish. Any salad of your choice (it can be vegetarian or meat – doesn’t matter) hands, gently put on the dish and form the figure of a lamb. Sprinkle with grated cheese, so the sheep became yellowish and then black olives make the eyes and legs of an animal with a tail of hard cheese. The eyelet can be made of a piece of cheese. Garnish the dish with “grass” (dill) and “flowers”of boiled carrots.

2. Salad in the form of sheep. Here everything is almost the same as in the first recipe. The only caveat here proposed to do just a salad in the form of sheep. Shape on a flat plate the silhouette of a lamb, sprinkle with the grated yolk head and the torso with grated protein. Make the bangs of grated animal protein, and torso for best flavor, cover the mesh of mayonnaise. Eye, ear and legs can be made of boiled carrots.

3. The Lettuce Shaun The Sheep . Favorite character of the movie looks good on the plate! Of course, we are talking about decorating the salad in the form of a cartoon hero. This dish can be made of any salad, preferably fish. Wool Shaun the sheep is boiled rice, and the dark parts (the muzzle, ears and feet) – sprat pate. With dark colors in cooking a little difficult, so if you have ideas how to make the black color (without the use of artificial dyes), write in the comments!

4. Portioned salad Sheep. In a shallow salad bowls you can put the portioned salads for guests. Under the white wool (boiled rice) and the head from a piece of cooked sausage can be hidden, for example, halves of quail eggs, drizzled with mayonnaise. The pieces of sausage and olives you will need to complete the dressing of the salad. A clearing for sheep can be made from greens or green peas.

5. Salad Dolly The Sheep. Another good option festive salad – this is such a charming Dolly the sheep. Ears and a smile made of pieces of cooked sausage, muzzle cover with grated protein, bangs – grated cheese, the eye and the nose – olives or black olives. And a decoration in form of flower can be made from bell pepper.

6. Salad Lamb in the meadow. The easiest way to make 2015 new year’s salad – this is not even to give the finished dish in the form of an animal, and just put a small figure of a lamb on top of the salad. Here is a look at this Photo: festive salad, carefully composed on the plate in the form of a cake. It seems that this salad made from cod liver (besides it, in the dish hard-boiled eggs, onions, rice and maybe cucumbers). Well, on top of a salad “cake” emblazoned shearling (fleece grated cheese, leg of green onions, olive head, bangs walnut).

7. The Lamb Salad. One simple way to turn an ordinary salad into a festive. This dish is prepared in layers: a layer of sardines, onions, eggs, carrots and grated yolk (between the layers it is necessary to grease with mayonnaise). Bangs lamb – grated cheese, eyes – olives with mayonnaise, nose and tongue – boiled carrots.

8. Also interesting sandwiches shaped like lambs. Double sandwich (pre-cut bread from the outline of the head of lamb) with any filling. Eyes and nostrils fill with cucumber and green peas.

9. Christmas snacks with horses. This option is for fans of alcoholic beverages. Very well in one combination of appetizer bread, salted crackers, cooked sausage or sausage, cheese, and crispy salty sticks.

10. Vegetarian snack. It’s very simple: dish is suitable for vegans, and children, and those who are on a diet. Boil the cauliflower and divide it into neat florets. One inflorescence will be the body one lamb. Head-olive will attach a toothpick, also attach the ears to the head.

11. Baked snack Sheep. Here is the most yummy – baked eggplant (they stuffing are then used to vegetable mixture and sprinkled with grated cheese). From the same eggplant made the head and ears of sheep, and the torso of boiled cauliflower. Sheep lying on the lawn, which is made from pieces of cucumber.

12. Vegetable appetizer Baranets. This can be done from raw, and pickles! The fit and pickles, and sun dried tomatoes!

13. Sculpture sheep. – raw cauliflower, but I think that similar can be done from cooked (not overcooked!). This sculpture will be hard to eat, but she will decorate new year’s table in 2015!

14. A Sculpture Of Shaun The Sheep. Another option for decorating the holiday table! Here the sheep head is made from olives, and the legs of baked mushrooms.

15. Lamb of butter. If you have on the table will be dishes that should be served butter, I advise you to make one of these beautiful sheep from the oil. We have character 2015 – sheep, so you have to make a sculpture for the winter holiday.

16. Sheep out of cauliflower, is another option. It is more decorative, because it combines incompatible ingredients (cauliflower, cucumber and grapes). However, this miracle a good idea to look at the new year’s table, so even if you place it on the top of a tasty salad! Although. if you will be a foodie, like Joey from the TV series “Friends” (about a strange dish he said: “Meat is delicious! Jam – delicious! Meat with jam – delicious!”), – this option snacks can go Bang!