Diet 5 salad recipes showing the caloric

How do we love vsevozmojnye salads and cold snacks! However, the problem of preservation of a perfect options stands in front of each woman, and we sacrifice other desires to stay beautiful. Meanwhile, there are a number of simple rules and lots of recipes, allowing you to get rid of excess weight or keep disturbing the body lines without damage to health.

Our helpers is a delicious light salads . composed of fresh vegetables, seafood, boiled meat, fruits, fish, herbs and many other beneficial ingredients that promote the breakdown of fats and restoration of metabolic processes in the body. Many people mistakenly believe that dietary salads are not tasty. This is not so, and soon you will see for yourself.

Rules for the preparation of products for diet salad

Vegetables and fruits are advisable to use it raw, it loses a number of nutrients and coarse fibers, which purify our body and help to lose weight

Make salads without mayonnaise . him in dietetic salad is not the place, as it does in the diet! Replace vegetable oils, low-fat sour cream or natural unsweetened yogurt with no additives;

Instead of vinegar in salads diet it is better to use lemon juice – and he struggles with fat and your metabolism speeds up;

To add salt to these dishes to a minimum. To compensate for the lack of salt can such spices as ginger,various peppers, coriander, cinnamon, etc.;

Mixed diet salads you can cook meat, seafood, low-fat fish . These products are for cooking only boil or bake.

The best recipes of diet salads for weight loss

All recipes are low-calorie salads listed below, ideal for carbohydrate-free diet. and popular diet drying body for girls. quick methods for bodybuilders, increasingly popular among modern women.

Salad diet with seafood. 75 Kcal per 100 grams.

Seafood dishes are a real treasure that has absorbed the healing power of the sea. It is a source of easily digestible protein. In addition, seafood is the main source of substances that affect sexual function in men. If there is such problem, as the treatment potency. these products will be great helpers to enhance potency in men at home. Basic nutrients for men’s health in seafood is selenium, zinc and omega-3 and omega-6, involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone.

So, the recipe:

seafood cocktail – 800 gr.

two green apples

paprika or swallow – 2 PCs.

two eggs

a little salt

Seafood boil for five minutes after boiling, then let cool. The peppers and apples are cleaned, cut into strips. Chop the eggs into cubes. Mix up the ingredients. Dressed with one teaspoon olive oil and sprinkle with any greens. By the way, this dish can serve as a great one of the wonderful vegetable salads.

Diet salad with chicken and mushrooms. 110 Kcal per 100 grams

This easy salad recipe is very simple, but it saturates well and has a pleasant spicy taste.

one chicken breast

jar of canned mushrooms

Table 2. lodges. low-fat sour cream

2 fresh cucumber

spices (turmeric, curry, paprika, pepper, Lavrushka)

a couple of cloves of garlic

two teaspoons of mustard

lettuce for decoration

Chicken breast, boil with spices until tender. Let cool and cut into thin slices. Cucumbers and mushrooms cut into strips. Blend these ingredients. Complement the salad with sour cream, garlic and mustard. Bon appetit.

Diet salad with fruits and chicken. 120 Kcal per 100 grams.

200 gr. boiled chicken breast

150 gr. grape

one large orange

one egg

150 gr. green apples

a little salt and pepper

lemon juice – 10 ml

yogurt mixed with chopped herbs

Egg cut into cubes, chicken breast – thin slices. The berries of each grape cut in half. Orange cleaned from the film, and divide each slice in half. Apples, peeled, cut into small cubes. Sprinkle the salad with lemon juice, add the yogurt, a little pepper and salt. All components mix and the dish is served on the table.

Salad for weight loss with shrimp and vegetables. 95 Kcal per 100 grams

Shrimp are useful, nutritious and easily digestible food. Having met in one dish with vegetables, they create a great composition.

frozen peeled shrimp – 300 gr.

two fresh cucumber

one medium carrot

50 gr. lettuce

Apple juice (natural) – 3 tablespoons

lemon juice – 1 tablespoon

soy sauce – 1 tablespoon

grated ginger – half a teaspoon

olive oil – 3 tablespoons,

chopped nuts (cashews, almonds or walnuts) – 100 g

Boil the shrimp for two minutes, cool it down. Cucumbers cut into slices, carrots three on a grater. The tear lettuce and combine with shrimp, cucumbers and carrots. Prepare the dressing: mix the olive oil with lemon, Apple juice, ginger, and soy sauce. Pour the dressing into the salad, stir and put it in the fridge for forty minutes. Before serving, sprinkle with nuts.

Diet salad with sea cabbage and boiled fish. 120 Kcal per 100 grams

Seaweed is a very useful dietary product and main source of iodine. And most importantly, it blends beautifully with many ingredients.

300 grams of boiled fish (fillet)

200 grams of seaweed

two boiled eggs in cool

one onion

3 tablespoons olive oil

Boil the fish, cut it in small slices. Egg finely chop. Laminaria is separated from the brine. Mix the ingredients and season them with olive oil. Salt salad is not necessary. Bon appetit!