Secrets of cooking meats

The food for Us

Meat is a product that has a high gustatory and nutritional qualities. That is why meat dishes feature prominently on the table in any family. To prepare meat it is important to know the specifics of processing of the individual components. Here are some features of preparation of dishes from meat.

The meat of a young animal’s meat is always tastier than old. Young meat is different from the old pale red, and fat white.

Meats from different kinds of meat are never cooked together, as is typical for every kind of taste will alter the taste of the other.

If the dishes where the meat is cooked, 5 minutes before it is ready to put the crust of lemon, it will acquire a delicate aroma.

Lamb chops good bounces, if you slice it across the grain.

To give your meat dishes a distinctive taste, you can add a little sugar (1 — 1.5 teaspoons).

The kidneys and the scars should be cooked in plenty of water and cool in cold water.

Before cooking beef kidneys cut in half and soak for 2-3 hours in cold water. This will eliminate the unpleasant odor. The buds boiled in small amount of salted water, changing it several times. Water boiled with the buds, not suitable for further use in cooking.

Menyesuaikan prepare the same as roast meat with vegetables. Separately fried meat vegetables. With fried pieces of meat and vegetables are placed layers so that the top layer was made from vegetables, then pour the broth.

To remove the skin easier with a boiled tongue, it hot a few times to lower for 2-3 minutes in cold water.

For marinating meat, pierce it in several places with a needle cooking, faster then the marinade will penetrate the meat.

If schnitzel or chops to grease with a mixture of vinegar and vegetable oil for 1-2 hours before cooking, they will be softer.

Meat is best thawed slowly at room temperature, then the meat juice is absorbed back into the muscle fibers, which swell and recover their properties. To defrost meat in water is not recommended because it loses its taste properties.

To beef cook quickly, it should be rubbed with mustard powder in advance.