Salads, sauces, snacks or tasty notes

Salad with strawberry

For the filling :

olive oil -2 tbsp. l.,

wine vinegar – 3 tbsp,

brown sugar -2 tbsp,

black mol.pepper-1 tsp,

dry.mustard – 1 tsp,

dry garlic – 1 tsp,

Mac-2 tsp,

brandy or other flavored drink is 1.5 tsp.

Mix all the ingredients, pouring in a slow stream, stirring with a whisk.

Salad :

spinach leaves (if you can’t find, will do lettuce or other mild to taste)- 1 kg

fresh strawberries – 1.5 kg.,

pecans – 240 gram.,

boiled chicken Breasts-10 PCs.,

Preparation :

Spinach leaves, wash under running water, dry it, slice ceramic knife (if not in stock – just tear by hand).

Strawberries also be rinsed under running water, Pat dry, cut into 2-4 pieces each berry.

Washed dill-grind.

Into serving dish put the spinach leaves then slices of chicken Breasts, then spread the nuts pecani a piece of fragrant strawberries. Sprinkle with the beauty of our delightful and fragrant dressing-can be served. Salad turns out very light and tasty!

PS.the amount of ingredients is targeted at small 15-20 servings (depending on appetite of consumers).

Fruit salad with pear and brie cheese

Sauce .

blackberries, fresh or frozen 1.5 Cup,

white wine vinegar 3/4 tbsp,

juice and zest of 2 oranges (zest of three only the yellow part, the white layer is bitter),

sea salt-coarse ground-1 tsp (try in the cooking process to taste, if you want – just a bit more salt, but the taste of the sauce was nice and balanced, sweet and sour)

fragrant freshly ground pepper 3/4 tsp,

olive oil – 3 tbsp,

aromatic honey – 6 tsp

Salad :

lettuce – 700g,.

ripe Anjou pears or 6 pieces (pears needed a juicy and fragrant pink-sided, rigid will not work),

brie cheese (soft, white mold, if not it will suit and Camembert)

peeled walnuts – 1 Cup.


BlackBerry grind in a blender, pour wine vinegar and olive oil, add salt, pepper, juice and zest of oranges, the final chord is honey. Even 2-3 seconds of operation of the blender and the sauce is ready. (this sauce is also good and any meat, perfectly set off the taste and fragrance by adding new gourmet flavours)

Salad wash, obsesive, ceramic knife cut (or tear by hand). Blend a handful in the centre of the plate.

My, cleaned from the peel and core and cut into small cubes fragrant pears.

Also cut into cubes brie cheese (brie cheese and all soft cheeses it is recommended to add to the dish just before eating, because all soft cheeses tend to “flow”, to change shape)

Walnuts are cleaned from serdtsevidok and slightly (1-2 minutes) fry in a frying pan, for greater disclosure nutty flavour.

Placed on a nest of salad brie cheese, spread slices of pear, sprinkle with walnuts. Pour on top of a spicy sweet and sour sauce. It turns out surprisingly delicate, aromatic, light salad.

The chicken liver pate

chicken liver 1 kg.,

cream 20-30% fat-0,5-0,7 liter

butter -150 g.,

milk – 1 litre,

freshly ground black pepper 1-2 tsp,

nutmeg -1/2 tsp,

red onion-0.5 kg.

sea salt -to taste (sea because the usual cooking, iodized, can give a “metallic” taste that is undesirable for our mouth-watering masterpiece)


Chicken liver wash, remove grease and film, soaked in milk for 1-2 hours. Then drain off the milk. In the slow cooker or just a pot with a thick bottom put 1 tablespoon of butter when it has melted put chicken livers, frying a few seconds on the sides. if only privatises, then pour the milk, not reaching 1/5 to the edge of the liver. Put stew after boiling on slow fire of minutes 9 to 12. It is very important not to overcook the liver, it should remain tender-peninou! Turn off the heat. After that potseluem. Leave chicken liver to reach the condition – cool in the saucepan.

Meanwhile cleanable red (someone true blue and calls ) onions, cut finely, lightly fry on the pan in butter. Fry only for evaporation of excess moisture. I during cooking, sprinkle the onions with a pinch of cane sugar to a light caramel coating. Once the onions “zabolotivca” and oil went bubbles, remove the pan from the heat.

Pour out the liquid from a cooled, cooked liver. Chicken liver blend with a blender, then add to it the softened butter, pepper, pinch of nutmeg, add the cream. Again blend with a blender, the last add fried red onion. Stir with a spoon so as not to break the slices of onions. (my guests agreed. I added in pate some wonderful nuts, Oh well!) Put in refrigerator to gel.

The pate is so. mmm! It’s difficult to describe, immediately welling up with saliva, I’m afraid “to obkatat the keyboard.” This dish is so tender, no tender and delicious that you’ll want to cook it many, many times – to your health!

Don’t look at the long message, I drank long and detailed. In fact, the process takes only 30-40 minutes. And so the result! I will say more – I’m allergic to offal, particularly liver. But occasionally I allow myself to eat heartily (after drinking pre-antihistamines ) are so tasty.

Bon appétit!