How to cook delicious meals for the New year

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The new year is unthinkable without a beautifully decorated holiday table. Each year we aim to please and surprise your family and guests with the most unusual and delicious dishes.

Housewives in the new year eve begin to think about what to cook for Christmas table, to avoid repetition with previous years, to please all the audience to please and pleasant combination of taste, beauty and originality.

We offer to your attention an interesting selection about what delicious dishes for the new year can be prepared.

Even the most familiar and traditional dishes can submit a new to choose recipes in the new version and open a guests new tastes of familiar dishes. Do not be afraid to experiment and to deviate from traditional recipes. As the new year opens before us the doors to a new life, you should start with the discovery of new tastes and recipes.

Prepare delicious meals for the new year

We have gathered for you the best Christmas recipes: salads, hot dishes and snacks, desserts and pastries as well as delicious Christmas drinks.

Salad Olivier. The idea of submission and registration

New year’s table it is difficult to imagine without the traditional Olivier. But we propose to move away from smachnogo all overexposed the design and give the guests something new. This simple and hearty salad can be served in various forms and designs.

In the traditional formulation of the following ingredients: ingredients: potatoes, carrots, eggs, doctoral sausage, green peas, pickles and mayonnaise. Can be a little to show imagination and to experiment with making salad the main ingredients. As a variant – to put a Christmas tree out of green peas, carrots or sausages. A little imagination and the result will surprise you.

Original way of presenting the salad will be portioned way. This requires the use of a special mold, or put salad in a glass and then flip into plate. Decorate the salad of their choice and to bring to the table. Restaurant chic will give the clearance around the cone of the salad lay out cut and halved quail eggs on top garnish with greens and sprinkle with pine nuts. Very original and stylish.

There is also a children’s version of filing Olivier. You can arrange the salad in the form of symbol of the year or any funny animal. For example, make the salad the mouse. Sausages do ears, tail and paws. From the olives make the eyes and nose, and chive whiskers. This dish kids will appreciate.

Unexpected and unconventional solution would be to serve salad in wine glasses, beautiful glasses or tartlet. In the glass you can put the salad layers, it would be a very unexpected and beautiful. This salad-cocktail.

If you decide to file traditionally the salad in a salad bowl, we recommend you arrange the top. Can be made out of green peas and parsley a beautiful bunch of grapes.

The original performance will be filing Olivier in the form of a Christmas tree. To do this, put the salad in a cone shape, insert sprigs of dill sprigs instead, we make the top star of Bulgarian red pepper, decorations and instead use pomegranate seeds.

You can serve the salad in this treasure chest. As a new year jewels will be Olivier himself. For making trunk use a loaf of white bread, cut the upper crust, but not until the end, making it as opening the lid. Removed from the bottom of the crumb and put inside the salad. To decorate the bread of the trunk wall cover with mayonnaise and decorate at its discretion, corn, pomegranate seeds, pepper rings, etc. Here, you’ll need all your imagination and ingenuity. The upper part of the chest fastened with a toothpick, so that the chest was slightly opened and showed the guests his precious content.

Hot dishes for new year’s table

No hot dishes on the festive table can not do. They’re considered a main course, which sets the tone for the whole holiday menu. It is therefore important to bring to the table beautiful, festive and delicious Christmas dishes.

Delicious Christmas desserts

Beautifully decorated and delicious desserts on the festive table are also part of the New year. The sweet tooth can please not just desserts, as originally designed and filed. We offer several design options Christmas desserts.

This is only a small part of recipes for delicious dishes for the new year, we have time to tell you. Actually there are many and in different versions and design. Experiment, create your cooking abilities, and remember that the most important thing in the New year is a mood, the joy of communicating with loved ones.