The original pickle – a quick and tasty snack without the hassle

Just a few minutes — and on your table the perfect snack with the original taste. Cucumbers, cooked in this simple recipe, turn out beautiful and delicious, they just quit. Especially in the summer “cucumber” time, when one wants to vary the taste of your favorite vegetables, cucumbers original recipe can be very useful.

The pickles are prepared quickly, the ingredients are the simplest ones. And, though like the recipe called for quick pickled cucumbers, but the taste, thanks to the combination of salt and sugar still different and original.

Cucumbers (very large) — 10-15 PCs.

Dill — 1 bunch (to taste)

Salt — 1 tsp or to taste

Sugar — 1 tsp or to taste


My cucumbers thoroughly (it is better to use sponge), cut the ends, cut along long pieces (6-8 pieces).

In a plastic container with a lid (although you can use a plastic bag) put cucumbers, chopped dill, salt, sugar. Close the container lid and well, but the contents being shaken gently so that the ingredients spread cucumbers evenly.

Put the container in the fridge.Serve cucumbers on the original table after a few minutes — almost immediately after preparation. But at least a little bit chilled, the pickles still taste better.

Vary the amount of ingredients according to your taste — some like more salt, others like a more sweet version.

Cucumbers self-sufficient, i.e. they can be served as is, right out of the fridge. But you can experiment and diversify the taste, pour salad oil, adding the taste of garlic, onions or herbs.

The thus prepared cucumbers fit perfectly and will give a new taste variety of salads — vegetable and meat.

Not very firm, flabby cucumbers before cooking soak for 10-15 minutes in cold water.

Very large cucumbers first, cut crosswise into 2-3 parts and then cut into long narrow slices.