7 most exotic dishes on the planet
Having collected numerous reviews about the extraordinary dishes in the world, DGF ICC submits its rating of the most outstanding. Fried Scorpions Common for China and Vietnam. According to eyewitnesses,…

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10 the most delicious dishes of the world
"There is no love more sincere than the love of food" — once said George Bernard Shaw, and was probably right, how else to explain such a variety of world…

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The Italians cook the most delicious dishes

Gourmets all over the world recognized the most impressive and delicious Italian cuisine. In addition, many national products of the country also applauded by connoisseurs of fine delicacies.

Long tradition and the ability to flexibly adapt to new developments help the Italians over the centuries to keep the “palm” – the most popular recipes were first tested in the IV century BC and then “table” is supplemented by vegetables, fruits and spices, brought from the New world or Asian countries.

On the other hand cook Italy also made a significant contribution to the cuisine of other Nations. In particular extremely sought after today, the Caesar salad, which was born in the North American continent, actually has been invented by Italian Caesar Cardini is named in his honor. The ingredients are easily recognizable for anyone familiar with classic Italian kitchen: Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and a complex sauce based on olive oil, garlic and lemon juice.

The ranking of countries, famous for its cuisine, amounted to Agency CNN. Surprisingly, immediately after Italy, gourmets from different countries called the United States, although the famous American fast food is neither the elegance, nor health benefits. Next on the list is French cuisine, which is considered perhaps the most complex,and ready dishes a unique aesthetic. Also, tourists from different countries like Greek, Thai, Mexican, Indian and Spanish culinary traditions.

By the way, those who are watching their figures and afraid to gain weight is to spend more time in Greece, the cuisine of this state is recognized as the most useful. But the Thai chefs put into their meals for the greatest number of ingredients, first and foremost is, of course, about the spices.

Attractive for foreigners and Japanese cuisine, is inseparable from the unique national philosophy. Every dish is transformed into a work of art, able to hit multiple senses: sight, smell, and taste buds. Tokyo this year was named the most “delicious” city on the culinary version of the guide Michelin.

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