The most delicious dishes of the world: the masterpieces of culinary art

However, those interested in delicious food, readers using this article will satisfy your curiosity. If we consider not only the taste of the product, but also its history, serving, and distribution in the world, it is possible to make an objective list becomes possible. As an example, six dishes, which quite deserve to be considered the best.

India, the land of spices, where for centuries was closed the way of the Europeans. Maybe that’s why today, serves traditional Indian dishes are gaining such popularity? Trip wonders white people are happy the fact that all reserve is now available. But even if it is, the dish is masala dosa it is certainly not true. Its taste is really unique.

In fact, the masala dosa is a simple pancakes, which Russians to surprise is unlikely to succeed. But they are prepared strictly according to Indian recipe, using all kinds of seasonings and spices. And if everything you add lentil sauce or coconut chutney, the most pleasant experience guaranteed.

Massaman curry

The most delicious dishes of the world just have to be something special. For example, what to cook them away from home simply cannot. To such belongs massaman curry Thai soup. Neither in its taste, appearance and aroma it cannot be compared with European soups. The quality of the ingredients used potatoes, coconut milk, sugar extracted from palm trees as well as nuts and meat.

The secret recipe, the exact observance of which allows you to cook the most delicious dish of the world, are the products of the first freshness. It is simply impossible to deliver thousands of miles each ingredient, many of which are found exclusively in South-East Asia. So if you want to try massaman curry, welcome to Thailand.

Peking duck

Well, it is about this dish, though vaguely, but I’ve heard all the most famous dish of the Chinese emperors, tasty and exotic. Today, thousands of activists fighting against animal cruelty, require its prohibition. If they succeed, we will disappear not just one dish. In the story leaves a whole ceremony – ordered the Peking duck, the visitor becomes a participant in this pageant.

Before you happen to try a bite (by the way, Peking duck you can eat everything from skin and fat to meat) take a long time, during which the chef expertly carve the bird right in front of the hungry customer. Who knows, maybe this is the reason the much-touted taste of this dish.

Argentine steak

In our country the culture of cooking steak is not at all. Even the term itself, which denotes a piece of meat to a certain doneness, until then did not exist. Except that in some Caucasian regions, where pastoralism has always been the Foundation of human existence, you can find similar dishes. But they are all far far Argentine steak.

Argentina is a country of colourful. 30 million people accounting for 7 million purebred cows. More than in any other country. It is not surprising, therefore, that the steaks are local residents consume in huge quantities. Strong roasted or rare, with a crispy crust or hard – there is no single recipe. But the continued addition to the delicious Argentine cuisine serves local wine. In whatever school you might be, even a country Inn, you can be sure that the steak you will be served first class.

Among the dishes that claim to be the most delicious, there are some that taste can not everyone. For example, Japanese ankimo contraindicated for abstainers. Its basis is liver rare fish – fish-monk.

Before dishing the dish on the table, the Japanese a few days the liver is marinated in sake – rice vodka. In combination with sauces, herbs, robust chili, flavor dishes become inimitable.

Finally, we would like to mention the representative of the European cuisine. Moreover, it is a dessert, which at the end of the list after hot meals and snacks. We are talking about Italian teramisu, variety of pastries and cakes.

To determine the most delicious dish one of the world’s cuisines – a task that is beyond the power of even the worldly-wise gourmets. But the six listed above, we can safely add to the list without fear of accusations of bias.