The most delicious dishes that can be enjoyed on the street anywhere in the world

Most often the food in the cafe on the streets is cheaper, tastier and in most cases safer, than the one prepared in restaurants, well, at least because it is prepared right before your eyes. Besides, it’s the easiest way to understand what national cuisine, as the cafe on the street eat local all, regardless of age and income. We invite You to taste the most famous and tasty dishes from the streets all over the world.

Italian ice cream

You can try ice cream in Wittenberg in Germany. homemade creamy ice cream dessert in New England. lemon fruit ice in Canada. but You will find nothing better than a delicious ice cream in Venice. It was first prepared in the area of the Dolomites in Italy: milk, eggs, cream, sugar and natural flavoring additives. Ice cream manufacturers tried to save it to cold stores of ice in the summer to sell and thus attract shoppers to the city. This dessert will satisfy Your demanding taste and will not damage the slender waist, as it is low in calories, unlike that which is produced in America. The cost of one horn is 2.50 euros. Believe me, it’s worth even a ticket to Italy for unforgettable fun!

Chicken on a stick

In New Orleans, the streets of Seoul, and many other places you can taste this yummy. Why is this dish so popular? Just it can always be different. In the South — stronger toasted, soft meat grilled barbecue flavour, or spicy Vietnamese sauce. The chicken pieces are pinned on the barbeque dishes along with onion and fry until Golden brown. Chicken on a small skewer — cultural phenomenon. Wherever You are, You certainly need to try this dish to truly experience the cuisine of the country you’re in.


Fried vegetarian dish. This is an Arabic dish, which is mitrofania balls of priravnennykh beans, sometimes with the addition of beans, flavored with spices. If You are a vegetarian and looking for something to eat on the street, it’s Your choice. It is nutritious, very tasty dish, when cooking which not suffer any animal. Now falafel is perceived as the most popular dish of snacks in Israel. The first time I made them Copts — Egyptian Christians instead of meat during Lent. Later, the falafel has become popular in the Mediterranean Arab countries and even in Europe, new York. Los Angeles and Chicago and many others. If You buy a falafel on the street, the more often it will be wrapped in pita bread with salad and olives and flavoured butter sauce, which gives it a unique taste.

Salad-shrimp cocktail

The best salad-the shrimp cocktail is prepared in the city of Veracruz in Mexico. It’s not that home, so forget about the sauce in the bottle. As this dish is considered a local delicacy, in every school You can try a very unusual, prepared by a special recipe shrimp salad: with lime, coriander, onions and even spicy sauce. But why go to a restaurant? Right on the street in small kiosks on wheels, You can buy a plastic Cup of shrimp cocktail that you just got out of the ice. A plastic spoon is attached. Without special frills, but very Veracruze. We advise You to enjoy the taste of shrimp, looking at a dance show in the Zocalo. That’s when You really have nothing to miss from the culture of Mexico. The main thing that the prawns were fresh.

Sausage roll

You can buy everywhere, in kiosks and stalls in Chicago and Ottawa. in the cafe of fast-food in Germany and many other countries. It seems that in every country sausage is unique and definitely need to try. So, try them everywhere. Why are they so popular? The secret is in the simplicity and at the same time thousands of original recipes. Even if a particular recipe in a particular country is not enough to make the taste unique, numerous additives can make any sausage a delicious dish. Kimchi-Bulgogi hot dog in new York, Portuguese sausage grilled, thin and long as Your hand is a sausage wrapped in a crispy loaf in Germany. Where would You go if You want a sausage roll, please!


Fairs in the Midwest, street benches in Central America, trucks in Indonesia – everywhere you can buy cooked corn on the cob, perhaps the only globally recognized vegetarian street food except potatoes. It is boiled, fried on a grill, just skewer on sticks. Why is she so attracted? All thanks to its variety of additives: oil, squeezed lime juice, Mexican chili, and shabby white cheese. Follow the etiquette, or to eat the corn? Roll up your sleeves and get started. Be prepared to get dirty. Another plus is. to eat on the street — you can not be afraid to dirty the tablecloth or napkins. But if You mandatory need a tissue, just carry in a pocket handkerchief. The most delicious — roasted corn, deep-fried, a little bit of red pepper, served in paper cups and poured on top of cream.

And what is Your favorite food that you can eat on the street?

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