The most expensive dishes in the world

Some condemn them for insane extravagance. Others envy the opportunity to meet the statement “nice to live not forbid”. Others simply wonder how you can spend such a huge amount on a watch or a bag, believing that, whether it is in their possession, they would certainly find it a more worthy use.

But whoever and whatever belonged to these quirks, the essence remains the same: the rich were, are and will be. And their money they will spend as they see fit. And for them will be created exclusive items for different purposes, the price of which would exceed all reasonable limits (by our standards). And not only things, but even the food . You probably even can’t imagine that the portion of ravioli or a Burger can be counted in tens of thousands of conventional units. And I am not kidding. In the ranking presents the world’s most expensive dishes you will find and their cost.

Yes, don’t be surprised — this is the most common in us food can cost a lot of money. Only palmenti in not quite those that we served in “of” or student canteens. And not even that juicy and delicious, hundreds of which sculpts your grandmother. Dumplings. who prefer Russian emigrants in America, in addition to veal and pork contain salmon and gelatoria-torch. This fish, Curtius Flame Fish, lives in a very deep and hunt for it extremely difficult. But thanks to her American dumplings glow an unusual blue-green light, while remaining completely edible and very tasty. And cook these dumplings in new York to the Golden Gates. But for a small portion of these exotic dumplings that include all 8 pieces, you will have to pay 2400 dollars.

And again, the simplest dish, and what culinary delights . But, it turns out that this simplicity can be very expensive. The lush crispy Burger bun, served in a Las Vegas restaurant Fleur, stack the Kobe beef, then foie Gras and poured it all truffle sauce. And there was standing a bun “just” $ 5,000.