Exotic dishes of Egypt

Exotic Eastern cuisine of Egypt have a unique refined taste. These dishes will appeal to all. Be sure to try the fish in almond sauce or the lamb with prunes. These dishes are very delicious gourmets will appreciate their beauty. Egyptian cuisine is dominated by vegetarian dishes. Use beans, rice, original salads, which you will not find in any other country stewed potatoes. Salads are used as an appetizer. The taste is incredible salad of oranges and olives with pepper. Meat dishes consist mainly of chicken and beef. Can taste the real Shawarma, not what you eat on the streets. Meat dishes are not very many, but they are all very tasty.

Egyptian cuisine is famous for exotic dishes. For example, it serves stuffed pigeon and camel liver. This is one of the specialties of Egyptian cuisine. It makes a very tasty pastries. You should definitely try the national dishes of Egyptian cuisine. To do this you need to find a good restaurant with national cuisine. This can be found in the Arab region.

The Egyptians have an interesting dish that is served for Breakfast. It is called “ful”, and is made from cooked beans in a sour sauce with spices and herbs. Sometimes in this dish and add chopped vegetables. It’s not just delicious but also healthy dish. This is a traditional Egyptian Breakfast. Vegetarians will like the dish called “filefile”, this vegetarianskaya from legumes. For lunch you can try delicious mashed grated sesame seeds with vegetable oil. In this case, you will be served a sauce – tahina, add white cumin, spices and nuts.

Cumin, incidentally, is one of the most popular ingredients in Egyptian cuisine. You will smell it everywhere, create the impression that all of Egypt smelled them. Lunch consists of salads and hot main dishes. For lunch the Egyptians eat ful medames, this brew local beans. You should also enjoy another meat lamb or veal stomach, this dish is called “Tarbes”. Exquisite taste has mahalel dish, made from salt and pepper of ingredients such as shallots, olives, chunks of carrot and lemon. Generally, it is difficult to imagine Egyptian cuisine without pickles, they are everywhere. In Egypt do not eat undercooked meat or fish. The beef is first marinated, then fried, and then baked in the oven.

You must try and the lamb Karski. Preparing this dish: lamb shoulder is roasted, and then stewed in tomato sauce. Here and delicious grilled fish, which before frying make deep cuts, then prisalivajut and rubbed in spices, sprinkled with lemon juice and then put on the grid. If you see the menu called “shakshuk”, then know that it is an omelette with meat and tomatoes.

Well here make lamb or beef liver with rice or in a tortilla. It can also be done with bananas, apples and oranges. National Egyptian drink is the hibiscus. Here it is made like nowhere else in the world. Make it from the flowers of hibiscus, is a shrub of the family Malvaceae. In Egypt the drink relishes how fresh pomegranate juice. All this exotic and simple dishes of Egyptian cuisine. You can taste in any local restaurant.

You will discover a new taste palette. But for those who are not ready to move immediately to a spicy Egyptian cuisine is European cuisine with the addition of the exotic Egyptian. So you can get used to the unusual dishes. And after a while will be ready to try real Egyptian food. You will enjoy an abundance of different dishes in the Egyptian cuisine. You can try here Oriental sweets, the taste of which will never forget.