Meals on birthday

For many people a favorite holiday is my birthday. If Your family planned the celebration, gather on it a gorgeous table! You will be able to do miracles, learn our recommendations and advice. Just a few ideas will help to create a great menu with beautiful dishes, memorable and exquisite.

Festive table: important nuances

When planning the menu, choosing the most suitable recipes and coming up with your own original dishes, don’t forget the main recommendations. Then Your holiday will be a pleasant, happy and exclusive, and all meals will bring only benefits.

1. Watch the balance of your menu . For example, if You want to prepare hot meals, consider several factors:

• calorie;

• the fat content of each dish;

• the combination and alternation of the meals;

• ability to absorb fat with the help of other dishes;

• maintaining the required temperature.

2. When You cook baby food . be especially attentive. If You are throwing a children’s party, consider the tastes and preferences of all the kids. Certainly socialize with their parents, find out all the details. For example, for some products the child may be allergic. They will need to completely eliminate from the menu.

For children it is advisable to cook the menu is not very complicated: it is enough for 6-7 meals. Food should not biciclista fat, eliminate all spicy, it is advisable to refrain from fried and salty. A good dessert to make fruit and vegetables to simmer or boil. In the well-made salad and they are great and tasty.

3. Make Your celebration really managed, holiday meals should suit the tastes of all guests. Take into consideration their preferences, “complete” wishes. This does not mean that you need to prepare for each of his favorite dish. Just try to stick to the General orientation of their preferences.

4. A huge role is played by the decoration of dishes . Imagine how interesting to observe the change of aesthetic plates and trays, gourmet dishes, when all the dishes are something to remember, surprised. Turn Your holiday table into a work of art. A good trick is to make several (3-5) colourful dishes, one is the most beautiful. Others may be more modest, to serve as “background” for the main masterpiece.

5. Even on the splendid table need simple meals . familiar and well known to everyone. They will be “anchor” for all those present. They just have to please Your guests. If the table is oversaturated with delicious and original dishes, it can start to bore, as in a kaleidoscope of exotic will be invited. Everything is good in moderation.

Tasty and healthy

Try to make Your holiday table for my birthday so that guests have not experienced the discomfort after the celebration. The most delicious dishes don’t have to bring the body too many calories and cause damage. It is important to observe the following rules, then all food is well digested.

1. Combine fatty and sour, meat and fruit. Decided to cook a wonderful roast chicken or Your author’s jelly, or You can best work out some pork chops? You want to make some fatty foods, but do not want to damage the slim figure? Create harmonious ensembles on your table: main dishes from high-calorie meat well digested, if they are to make fruit, to make a suitable dessert.

• On the table should be beautifully decorated fruit basket, you can prepare your meats.

• Great combination − chicken with pineapple and quince.

• Pork will get the original flavor with grapefruit.

• Fatty salmon looks good with slices of lemon and mint. And fish it is better to just boil or put out, paying attention to the spices and decoration.

2. Create menu, where meals will not be dramatically outshine each other. Their place should occupy the first, second, appetizers and dessert. It is desirable that each “branch” was something bright: well, when interesting dishes always present on the table, not only appear “behind the curtain”.

3. In the summer, create a holiday menu based on fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, now you can find them in stores all year round, but agree: it is in warmer days these products have special taste. Great cuts can be made from vegetables, fruits, to prepare fresh juices, and Jell − o, desserts and cocktails.

Original ideas and creativity in everything – the key to success!

Collecting table for my birthday, use known recipes of delicious dishes and invent their own.

1. For example, a very spicy salad can be made from arugula, radish, pineapple and meat squid. Squid goes perfectly with greens, arugula emphasizes the benefit of his taste. A salad dressing use olive oil, lemon juice and grated Parmesan cheese. The dish to garnish with tomatoes, lettuce and sliced in half black olives. Literally 10 minutes – and Your salad is ready!

2. As you can serve hot rolls of zucchini, which will hide tasty tomatoes, cheese, grated cucumbers and thin sliced chicken. This dish takes its final aroma and exquisite taste in the oven and is served hot.

3. Making dishes for a birthday party requires a creative approach. Dessert can be a great lake of multi-colored jelly with it floating in little boats and swans, standing around by trees. Everything is done from fruits, cream, whipped cream, and individual item are baked in the oven from the dough. The main thing – Your flight of fancy!

4. Serve dishes on the table, too, need unusually, because it is your birthday! Remember the cake the balloon the fairy tale “Three fat men”? Yes, all children in this episode made the biggest impression! Think of You and your “chips”. Use toys, painted trays, boxes with bows, balloons, and colored napkins, fresh flowers − all in Your hands.

Bon appétit and memorable celebration!