The right snack for brandy – secrets lovers

The brandy is called the noble drink. Expensive and high-quality brandy is an element of a particular style of life, taste of respectability and success. Great importance what lunched brandy: just the right appetizer for brandy can unlock the full aroma and taste of this prestigious drink.

The correct manufacture

In southwestern France of the Charente river vineyards lie in the third century ad. From these grapes was made wine, which was exported to other States. Unfortunately, the Charentais wines were quite naughty – during long distance transport they deteriorated. In the sixteenth century the winemakers of France invented a distillation apparatus, with which began to distill Charentais wine into alcohol. This not only made them more transportable, but also helped to save on taxes. At that time the French government had imposed a tax on the exportation of spirits from the country, and because the amount of alcohol from wine was comparatively small, duties decreased accordingly. The solution was diluted with water and sold under the name “distilled wine” (brandewinj in Dutch). At the same time, it became clear that strong distillate is not less, and frequently balsamroot than wine.

The production of cognac was established in the city with the same name in the late seventeenth century. About the same time was discovered an interesting property of this drink: the taste of the brandy significantly increased after storage of the distillate in oak barrels. Technology of production of the drink has been continuously improved, and at the beginning of the eighteenth century appeared the first cognac house.

The beverages produced using the same technology in other parts of France or other countries, can’t carry the name “cognac”. The production is tightly controlled at the state level: this cognac is made from only certain varieties of grapes exclusively on certain hardware and only one trusted for years.

How to drink and eat properly

Cognac is not meant to be drunk at once, such as vodka. This noble drink requires respect: often the drinking of brandy is a ceremony. So, for cognac are special glasses with a broad base – “snifter” to best reveal the flavor of the amber liquid. The cups are never filled to the brim with a maximum of a quarter.

Before you try the brandy to taste, should enjoy its fragrance. At a distance of five centimeters from the glass already felt the first wave of the cognac smell is light, with vanilla tones. At the edge of the glass is felt the second wave – warm fruit and floral aromas. Quality cognacs are subtle scents of apricots and other fruits, as well as roses, violets and other flowers. Finally, taking a SIP, you can feel the third wave of aromas – ripe, complex flavors of port wine.

Drinking cognac in small SIPS. This drink is not created for exuberant celebrations – it’s designed for enjoying with family in modest but comfortable surroundings. The best time for the filing of cognac after dinner, and rightly so: after all, the drink consumed not for alcohol, but for the sake of pleasure original velvety taste, which has no equal. Etiquette. however, and allows the supply of cognac to the coffee: in this situation on the table it is desirable to choose a few appetizers that will highlight the status of the drink and its unsurpassed flavor. An ideal addition to cognac will be a Cup of coffee, fragrant cigars and dark chocolate.

What to drink cognac? In Russia it is believed that the best snack for this drink – lemon. The tradition to eat a lemon brandy, according to legend, went from Nicholas II, who liked to consume the drink in this form. There are many eateries of variations on this theme: wheels of lemon sprinkled with powdered sugar, bitter chocolate, ground coffee, combined with cheeses, caviar and nuts.

True connoisseurs of cognac skeptical about such lemon snacks. In their view, the sharp taste of lemon completely “kills” the specific taste of the cognac, making it primitive and uninteresting. It is believed that snacks with lemon are only for brandy is not very high quality since they help to drown out the bad taste. If the brandy is of good quality, the taste is self-sufficient. However, for those who prefer to drink cognac in the Imperial, on the table you should put some original lemon snacks.

Not just a lemon

Sliced into rings lemon is traditional, but boring. Much more interesting to cook caramelized lemon slices. Make them snap. Lemons cut circles with thickness of about five millimeters (of bone should be removed); of three hundred grams of sugar and three hundred grams of water is prepared syrup. This syrup should be boiled lemon slices in an hour, then allow to dry them in the oven on a lattice at a temperature of three hundred degrees for half an hour. The taste of these caramelized lemons are much less intense than fresh, and much better suited to a cognac. If desired, you can also cook the oranges. Caramelized fruit glaze bitter or milk chocolate, sprinkle a pinch or ground coffee with natural cinnamon.

You can slice lemons thin slices of a thickness not exceeding three millimeters and between them lay a thin round slices of cheese. Will fit almost any mild cheeses, from soft Mozzarella to Gouda affordable. Even more interesting will be the taste of the snack, if the one or more cheese varieties to RUB on a grater, mix with little honey, and put the resulting mass on a slice of lemon. This unique combination of flavors will leave no one indifferent.