TOP most dangerous meals of the world

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Delicious cottage cheese

Take advantage of our delicious cottage cheese

In the last article I tried to tell about the useful properties of curd . Delicious cottage cheese I cook by its own economical recipes. These original recipes I use constantly. All the dishes from curd I is conventionally divided into two categories. The first group was identified dishes in which the product does not undergo thermal treatment, remains in its natural form. The second group is subjected to heat treatment.

Raw is best to use the cheese homemade, but unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to purchase home product. Cottage cheese from the store are not advised to keep a long time in the refrigerator, so as to quickly develop harmful bacteria.

We would like to add, for preparing the tasty dishes, the cheese home, store or in bundles, it is best to RUB through a strainer or crank through a meat grinder. In this form it becomes like a cream, will have a delicate texture, the taste of it changed for the better. So prepare yourself, I think You’ll like it! Continue reading

Decoration salads – original ideas

It seems difficult, get a variety of vegetables, lettuce, mushrooms, parsley. Chop, mix and the salad is ready. But it is important that the dish was not only delicious, but also beautiful. Decoration salads – the process is no less fascinating than their preparation. Here we will show some interesting design options of dishes that can take pride of place on any festive table .

Try your salads were bright, they combine ingredients of different colors – green, red, yellow, orange. This will not only give a beautiful look to the dish, but will affect the appetite and reinforcing it.

The basic principles of decorating salads

To decorate the salad, take the same products that make up a salad or are good to match. For example: salad Olivier. which includes meat, fish or Mimosas you can decorate the potatoes, boiled carrots or egg, for example, in the form of lilac: put on the dish the salad, lilac blossoms made from painted beet juice egg whites, grated on a coarse grater, white – grated from just protein. Circle sprinkle the yolk and the protein and between inflorescences lay sprigs of greenery. Continue reading

The most expensive dishes

1. “Chocopologie by Knipschildt” is the most expensive chocolate in the world. The treat is made only manually by the American firm “Knipschildt Chocolatier”.

Of course, it’s dark chocolate, which is not intended for long term storage Recipe includes cocoa chocolate ‘Valrhona’ with lots of exclusive ingredients. For 1 pound (453 grams) treats will have to pay 2600 dollars.

2. The most expensive dessert in the world can be enjoyed in the new York restaurant Serendipity 3. Ice cream for 25 varieties of cocoa, decorated with pieces of edible gold and topped with whipped cream and a small chocolate La Madeline au Truffle, served in a diamond encrusted gold border and glass with a gold spoon, also decorated with diamonds.

The desire to taste the dessert, which cost 25 thousand dollars, must notify in advance. And empty dishes the client has the right to take home. Continue reading

The most exotic dishes

A person is able to eat anything. I chose the most exotic dishes, in my opinion. Don’t know how they taste, but try them I just could not resist.

Cheesecake Alligator

In Louisiana, where commercial breeding reptile, alligator meat is widely eaten. In new Orleans at one of the restaurants came up with a delicious cheesecake, main ingredient which is the meat of toothed monster from the swamp. The composition of dessert including cheese, shrimp, sausage and alligator.

Bitter melon

In Africa and Asia is growing very bitter melon, which is used in cooking. The composition of the fruit includes momordicin, and it attaches to the melon, the tartness and bitterness. To dull the bitter taste of the fruit is used salting and blanching as a method of cooking.

The consumption of this melon in food due to its unique combination of vitamins and minerals, reduces the level of sugar in the blood. Rumor has it that HIV patients this miracle melon can help. Continue reading

Beer snack – Article – Healthy – Home bar – cocktail making at home

Who would have thought that beer foamy drink “aged”. It is almost 7000 years! It turns out that in Ancient Rome or Egypt the divine taste of the beer has long been appreciated – they cooked it in various ways and served on the table under all sorts of snacks.

Today, among the “treats” beer feast favorites are the snack, filled with roasted or fried meat products, dried fish, seafood, cheese, potatoes. Of course, grocery stock of beer you can buy in the shop, but much nicer and tastier it will look only in the case if you cook beer snacks at home . Although you probably have a few recipes of snacks for beer that you’d like to share.

We offer a few easy recipes of beer snacks that can be cooked quickly with your hands until the beer is not sour, and guests.

When cooking use canapés small pieces of bread and a variety of slide products, which is applied uniformly at each other and pierced with a skewer. Filling fit meat and fish delicacies – baked ham, balyk, ham, ham, herring, etc. Continue reading

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