What are the most expensive dishes in the world

Will tell you about products not everyone is able to afford.

Do you know what are the most expensive dumplings? Do you know how to grow the most expensive on Earth potatoes? We present you a list of dishes that celebrities can not afford.


Many surprised by the presence in the menu of dumplings – one of the favorite foods of many Russians. Nevertheless, not Russian dumplings topping the chart. The most expensive dumplings in the world can eat in the restaurant “Golden Gates” in the Bronx, new York. Their highlight is that they are not only tender veal, pork and salmon, but also iron fish-torch or Curtius Flame Fish, who lives on a sufficiently large depth. Through a “seasoning” specific dumplings emit blue-green “glow” that is not a barrier to taste. Portion of the eight dumplings will cost you in the restaurant 2400 dollars, and from 16 – 4400. Continue reading

The most expensive food in the world — The Village

The world of the rich and famous attracts many of us. Rich lead the lifestyle that many of us want to do, and they do what many only dream of. The same applies to food, they can try what ever, you may not be able to try us. I offer a list of “the world’s Most expensive foods, most expensive drinks, desserts and spices.”

So let us begin:

1. Saffron, a spice grown worldwide, is derived from the flowers of saffron. To produce a pound of dry saffron (0.45 kg) requires 50000-70000 flowers, it is comparable to a football field. Require great expense and labor, the price of spice from US$ 500 to US$ 5,000 per pound (US$ 1100–US$11000 per kilogram).

2. The most expensive potato in the world – French, “La Bonnotte”. Annually, only 100 tons of high-quality potatoes are grown and harvested only on the island Noirmoutier. Potato fields only require fertilizer seaweed growing in a climate that formed nearby the sea. The cost of one kilogram can reach 500 €, since this type of potato is almost extinct. Continue reading

The most expensive foods in the world

The taste and the cost of meals depends on the chosen ingredients. In the review “Just There” – the foods and dishes that stand fabulous money.


Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. Extract the saffron from the flowers in India called Crocussativus (planting Crocus or purple). Sold as a spice in its natural form — the stamens, and in powder form. The cost of one kilo of saffron can reach $6000. This price is determined by the complexity of the spices are collected. Each flower is only three stamens. In order to collect one kilo, you have to manually cycle through 35 to 100 thousand flowers. It is important to know that saffron is harvested only at dawn on the first day of disclosure of the petals.


The most expensive nut is the macadamia. Round nut in appearance and taste like hazelnuts. but find it not so easy. In the year produce a total of 40 tons of nuts. Continue reading