The most fashionable recipes

What I like to eat in different countries? Surprising results of a survey of the world’s most popular recipes. On the first places of the European cooking school, and almost exclusively Asian dishes.

Ask any European, more or less familiar with the national cuisines of several countries of the world, which one is the best, and the most likely answer: French. Well, if he’s not Italian, not a Spaniard or Greek, of course. However, developed more recently by the Agency CNN a rating of fifty the world’s most beloved dishes of the evidence of the other taste – the ten best, according to 35-thousand people participated in the survey, has not included any French dish. So, what has changed in our time is culinary fashion?

In the top 10 were several dishes of Thailand. For some it may seem strange, but only not for those who had the opportunity to try the masterpieces of Thai cuisine and, most importantly, to compare them with the top dishes of other national cuisines. But the palm went to Indonesia. Moreover, twice. Yes, imagine that! Continue reading

Recipes snacks

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To date, all increasingly popular quick and tasty snacks, which are a special type of meal, present to the festive table before the main gastronomic exclusives. Most importantly, these meals quickly and easily prepared, do not require special financial and time costs, especially in the case of arrival of unexpected guests. Well, these treats are prepared with all that is in the fridge, be it fruit, generous seafood, poultry, meat, eggs and other products.

In this article you will get acquainted with recipes of snacks, and then can try to compose some original flavor masterpieces.

Thinking about what to cook for a snack . you should consider a few rules of cooking and serving these dishes. If you’re using cheese when cooking snacks and plan to serve them with wine, strong wine with intense flavor, use a spicy cheese; but for soft and weak wines suit soft cheeses with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Quick and tasty snacks are obtained by using as a basis tartlets, rusks, crackers and chips. Continue reading

How to cook delicious meals for the New year

Get the recipe yourself on the wall so I don’t lose to share with others!

The new year is unthinkable without a beautifully decorated holiday table. Each year we aim to please and surprise your family and guests with the most unusual and delicious dishes.

Housewives in the new year eve begin to think about what to cook for Christmas table, to avoid repetition with previous years, to please all the audience to please and pleasant combination of taste, beauty and originality.

We offer to your attention an interesting selection about what delicious dishes for the new year can be prepared.

Even the most familiar and traditional dishes can submit a new to choose recipes in the new version and open a guests new tastes of familiar dishes. Do not be afraid to experiment and to deviate from traditional recipes. As the new year opens before us the doors to a new life, you should start with the discovery of new tastes and recipes.

Prepare delicious meals for the new year

We have gathered for you the best Christmas recipes: salads, hot dishes and snacks, desserts and pastries as well as delicious Christmas drinks. Continue reading