The most expensive dishes

1. “Chocopologie by Knipschildt” is the most expensive chocolate in the world. The treat is made only manually by the American firm “Knipschildt Chocolatier”.

Of course, it’s dark chocolate, which is not intended for long term storage Recipe includes cocoa chocolate ‘Valrhona’ with lots of exclusive ingredients. For 1 pound (453 grams) treats will have to pay 2600 dollars.

2. The most expensive dessert in the world can be enjoyed in the new York restaurant Serendipity 3. Ice cream for 25 varieties of cocoa, decorated with pieces of edible gold and topped with whipped cream and a small chocolate La Madeline au Truffle, served in a diamond encrusted gold border and glass with a gold spoon, also decorated with diamonds.

The desire to taste the dessert, which cost 25 thousand dollars, must notify in advance. And empty dishes the client has the right to take home. Continue reading

Salad recipes for the New year

Salad is probably the only dish that is loved by all. It is cooked almost every day. And if on the nose the holidays, any self-respecting woman will choose in advance salad recipes for the New Year . March 8 . birthday and cook at least 3 salads. The salad can be different: fruit, vegetable, mixed, puff, with the addition of different sauces and various ingredients.

Word salad is the only dish in which to put everything, including incongruous products. For example, I read in one book how the French chef was advised to make a salad from banana I. herring! Of course, I wished my stomach, but realized that to experiment is very, very good. Not only in salads and other dishes.

Whichever the salad You took to do need to follow some rules:

Products for salad must be of good quality, not expired and not defective.

Thoroughly washed, brushed and prepared for the salad.

All the products in the salad must be of equal size or the size of an indivisible product. So, if You are prepared, for example, “Olivier”, all cubes should be the size of a pea. In this salad the pea – an indivisible product. Continue reading

Golden Phoenix Cupcake: the world’s most expensive cupcake from Bloomsbury

Arab sheiks will surely be thrilled: finally, someone in the world invented this delicacy, which they just “fit”. So, the famous British publishing house Bloomsbury has recently opened in Dubai elite Dubai Mall cafe boutique that serves the world’s only edible dessert of pure gold, the cupcake called “the Golden Phoenix” (Golden Phoenix Cupcake) .

“Golden Phoenix” — a surprising treat for gourmets who are willing to pay any money to treat yourself, a loved one, and your taste buds. In Bloomsbury it up as soon as I noticed that the visitors continually interested in the opportunity to buy and taste the decorative desserts made of gold and precious stones, and exhibited in a special showcase for the beauty and attraction of clients. Then came the idea to bake edible gold is really sweet, since there is a demand for such Goodies.

If on a normal day visitors a boutique café can order a cupcake that is a little more than $ 1,000 . it is a holiday, in honor of a particular event, and also during the opening ceremony of a boutique café present saw, how to prepare the dessert 28 000 dollars . Continue reading