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Who would have thought that beer foamy drink “aged”. It is almost 7000 years! It turns out that in Ancient Rome or Egypt the divine taste of the beer has long been appreciated – they cooked it in various ways and served on the table under all sorts of snacks.

Today, among the “treats” beer feast favorites are the snack, filled with roasted or fried meat products, dried fish, seafood, cheese, potatoes. Of course, grocery stock of beer you can buy in the shop, but much nicer and tastier it will look only in the case if you cook beer snacks at home . Although you probably have a few recipes of snacks for beer that you’d like to share.

We offer a few easy recipes of beer snacks that can be cooked quickly with your hands until the beer is not sour, and guests.

When cooking use canapés small pieces of bread and a variety of slide products, which is applied uniformly at each other and pierced with a skewer. Filling fit meat and fish delicacies – baked ham, balyk, ham, ham, herring, etc. Continue reading

Selection of 10 most delicious salads!

1. Salad with eggs and ham Ingredients: – 400-500 g smoked ham – 4 eggs – 1 sweet pepper – 1 cucumber – 1 Bank (350 g) canned corn – a small bunch of fresh dill – mayonnaise – Sol 1. Prepare the ingredients: cook hard-boiled eggs, wash peppers, cucumber and dill in cold water, drain water from corn. 2. Slice the eggs in a large bowl. Add the corn and stir. 3. Slice the ham into thin long pieces and add them to the bowl. 4. Cut the pepper into strips. Peel the cucumber, cut it in half lengthwise and slice into thin slices. Add everything in a bowl. 5. Chop fresh dill and add to the salad. All mix, salt to taste, then add the mayonnaise and mix again.

2. Salad “Tbilisi” Ingredients: 1 Bank of red beans, 200-250 grams of boiled beef (take lean piece weighing 300 grams, boil in salted water an hour and a half), 1 medium red onion, 1 red bell pepper, half of pepper, 2-3 cloves garlic, 50 grams of walnuts, average bunch fresh cilantro, ground black pepper, hmeli-suneli. For the filling: olive oil and wine vinegar. Preparation: Onion cut into thin half-rings. If the bow “home” juicy and spicy, it is better to cut and drop for 2 minutes in hot water, otherwise the taste of onions will score everything else in the salad. From Bulgarian persaudaraan seeds and cut into strips. Meat cut into cubes. Continue reading

A light salad every day

When people decide to gather all together and to celebrate any party, the table will pronostics a couple of tasty salads that will delight with appetizing appearance and excellent taste. Because it is one of the most favorite cool dishes that allow you to combine different products, to complement conventional recipes with new ingredients, creating completely new combinations of flavors. But even the most savory salads can be not so useful as we would like.

For example, traditional Olivier salad, generously dressed with mayonnaise, is a very nutritious dish. But it’s another thing if you serve chopped vegetables or fruit with a small amount of olive oil or tart balsamic. Such salads can decorate a festive table, but not to bring harm to such a huge chiseled figure as their more sophisticated brethren.

How does rassredotochit to “heavy” and “light” salads, what is the difference? Normally, there are two main aspects on which they differ is the ease of digestion of the salad, and its calorie content. Recipe light salad, usually plant-based food, which includes various types of fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots and spices. In vegetables not contains huge amount of calories, they are quite simply digested by the body, and after no tazhestyu tummy. Continue reading