The most delicious dishes that can be enjoyed on the street anywhere in the world

Most often the food in the cafe on the streets is cheaper, tastier and in most cases safer, than the one prepared in restaurants, well, at least because it is prepared right before your eyes. Besides, it’s the easiest way to understand what national cuisine, as the cafe on the street eat local all, regardless of age and income. We invite You to taste the most famous and tasty dishes from the streets all over the world.

Italian ice cream

You can try ice cream in Wittenberg in Germany. homemade creamy ice cream dessert in New England. lemon fruit ice in Canada. but You will find nothing better than a delicious ice cream in Venice. It was first prepared in the area of the Dolomites in Italy: milk, eggs, cream, sugar and natural flavoring additives. Ice cream manufacturers tried to save it to cold stores of ice in the summer to sell and thus attract shoppers to the city. This dessert will satisfy Your demanding taste and will not damage the slender waist, as it is low in calories, unlike that which is produced in America. The cost of one horn is 2.50 euros. Believe me, it’s worth even a ticket to Italy for unforgettable fun!

Chicken on a stick

In New Orleans, the streets of Seoul, and many other places you can taste this yummy. Continue reading

Exotic dishes of Egypt

Exotic Eastern cuisine of Egypt have a unique refined taste. These dishes will appeal to all. Be sure to try the fish in almond sauce or the lamb with prunes. These dishes are very delicious gourmets will appreciate their beauty. Egyptian cuisine is dominated by vegetarian dishes. Use beans, rice, original salads, which you will not find in any other country stewed potatoes. Salads are used as an appetizer. The taste is incredible salad of oranges and olives with pepper. Meat dishes consist mainly of chicken and beef. Can taste the real Shawarma, not what you eat on the streets. Meat dishes are not very many, but they are all very tasty.

Egyptian cuisine is famous for exotic dishes. For example, it serves stuffed pigeon and camel liver. This is one of the specialties of Egyptian cuisine. It makes a very tasty pastries. You should definitely try the national dishes of Egyptian cuisine. To do this you need to find a good restaurant with national cuisine. This can be found in the Arab region.

The Egyptians have an interesting dish that is served for Breakfast. Continue reading

Simple, quick and delicious salads

Salad is one of the most versatile and well-known dishes of any cuisine of the state. In every cookery book you will be able to find thousands of recipes salads. Depending on the ingredients, there are vegetable, meat, fruit salads, salads with fish and seafood. Some salad recipes are more suited for the festive table, they usually require more ingredients, including exotic, and equally long time to cook. There are salads for “haste”, which is just to cook in everyday life.

Delicious salad means a mixture of different ingredients in certain proportions and combinations. In order that the finished composition had a rich and harmonic taste, all components should be combined among themselves. Not the last place in the manufacture of salad is the dressing or sauce, which is used as the vegetable oil, vinegar, wine, lemon juice, yogurt, cream, sour cream, mayonnaise in combination with various greens and herbs.

Take a tablespoon of yogurt, kefir or curdled milk and add the raw egg and 1 teaspoon of glycerin and mix. Need to have a spoon of burdock or olive oil, to which is added one egg yolk, and then a spoonful of honey.

Best salad recipes from squid also, you should prepare a small piece of salmon, five eggs, a can of corn, caviar and a bit of Chinese cabbage. Continue reading