Salad recipes for the New year

Salad is probably the only dish that is loved by all. It is cooked almost every day. And if on the nose the holidays, any self-respecting woman will choose in advance salad recipes for the New Year . March 8 . birthday and cook at least 3 salads. The salad can be different: fruit, vegetable, mixed, puff, with the addition of different sauces and various ingredients.

Word salad is the only dish in which to put everything, including incongruous products. For example, I read in one book how the French chef was advised to make a salad from banana I. herring! Of course, I wished my stomach, but realized that to experiment is very, very good. Not only in salads and other dishes.

Whichever the salad You took to do need to follow some rules:

Products for salad must be of good quality, not expired and not defective.

Thoroughly washed, brushed and prepared for the salad.

All the products in the salad must be of equal size or the size of an indivisible product. So, if You are prepared, for example, “Olivier”, all cubes should be the size of a pea. In this salad the pea – an indivisible product. Continue reading

Christmas salads and snacks : Ideas for Christmas table

This is the definition for the mascot of the next year on the Eastern calendar. Also varieties of characters can be considered sheep, lamb, goat. The eyes that figure out a way to make original decorate Christmas table, vistas experiments! Of course, the dishes on the holiday table can be supplied in the form of these animals! And yet, before the preparations of new year 2015 dishes advise you to sit down and remember the most famous representatives of horned animals. Shaun the sheep (and Timmy), Dolly the sheep, the Goat-Dereza – they will be able to decorate your table and please the guests! In order to offer you other ideas of Christmas food, we dug up the whole Internet and found something interesting. This time it’s about Christmas salads and appetizers, but apart from them, you will find several original sets!

1. Salad Sheep. Look at how beautiful you can make a large tray of festive salad. More precisely, the salad will not be in the tray, and on a flat dish. Any salad of your choice (it can be vegetarian or meat – doesn’t matter) hands, gently put on the dish and form the figure of a lamb. Sprinkle with grated cheese, so the sheep became yellowish and then black olives make the eyes and legs of an animal with a tail of hard cheese. The eyelet can be made of a piece of cheese. Garnish the dish with “grass” (dill) and “flowers”of boiled carrots. Continue reading

What can you cook to whip up a delicious Breakfast? for lunch? the fastest and delicious salad? thank you in advance! Questions about food

Try all the hot sandwiches:

Neatly cut from a white loaf, the crumb, RUB it on a grater, add grated on a grater cheese, parsley (finely chopped) and egg(raw). Add salt and pepper to taste. On the pan, greased with sunflower oil to put the rest of the loaf “rings” and put them in our stuffing and fry on both sides. Very, very tasty and quick to prepare. Bon appetit!

Celery root, carrots, Apple, salt, black pepper, garlic, a little mayonnaise.

boiled eggs with boutiques with black bread with plum butter…a loaf fried in lesane(egg beaten with milk,you can add grated cheese)…Kashi natural bags sell ,as it says boil(15-20 minutes) when water flow down,into the pan 0.5 cups of milk to a boil+porridge pack is laid out,to boil+maslechko and ready…very fast and do not watch..

I recommend “quick cakes” out of pita bread ; cut a piece of pita bread into 4 pieces, put any toppings — I love banana(also 4chasti) with cheese, wrapped and podzharivayte SL,oil. 5min. and you can drink coffee.

Nice to make a snack of pita bread, smeared with pâté crab sticks+canned corn + mayonnaise, turn the loaf, allow to soak in refrigerator for about an hour and cut into pieces. Continue reading