Cold sandwiches: quick and simple snacks

Soon the holidays, a house full of guests or you are going to visit. Rather than go with empty hands. Need to decorate the table, and a lot of things to prepare. There are a lot of recipes. but I want to talk about how quick and tasty to prepare cold sandwiches.

Often before a meal we do not have enough time. On our shoulders lie the cleaning, cooking, we need to set the table and catch myself up to lead. And sometimes you just need recipes.

Don’t underestimate the sandwiches. Though they are prepared quickly, but the taste is not inferior to their neighbors on the table.

Suggested treats can also be eaten for Breakfast. they will make a great starter and will decorate festive table. These snacks are appreciated in many countries of the world.

For example, in Denmark there are about 200, and almost every cold sandwich has its name. And if you imagine that the Breakfast buffet consists of some light meals, it is easy to assume that in Sweden, they love even more.

Now is the time to jump directly to recipes. We will try to find not only a tasty ingredient, but also useful. Continue reading

A light salad every day

When people decide to gather all together and to celebrate any party, the table will pronostics a couple of tasty salads that will delight with appetizing appearance and excellent taste. Because it is one of the most favorite cool dishes that allow you to combine different products, to complement conventional recipes with new ingredients, creating completely new combinations of flavors. But even the most savory salads can be not so useful as we would like.

For example, traditional Olivier salad, generously dressed with mayonnaise, is a very nutritious dish. But it’s another thing if you serve chopped vegetables or fruit with a small amount of olive oil or tart balsamic. Such salads can decorate a festive table, but not to bring harm to such a huge chiseled figure as their more sophisticated brethren.

How does rassredotochit to “heavy” and “light” salads, what is the difference? Normally, there are two main aspects on which they differ is the ease of digestion of the salad, and its calorie content. Recipe light salad, usually plant-based food, which includes various types of fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots and spices. In vegetables not contains huge amount of calories, they are quite simply digested by the body, and after no tazhestyu tummy. Continue reading

How to cook delicious meals for the New year

Get the recipe yourself on the wall so I don’t lose to share with others!

The new year is unthinkable without a beautifully decorated holiday table. Each year we aim to please and surprise your family and guests with the most unusual and delicious dishes.

Housewives in the new year eve begin to think about what to cook for Christmas table, to avoid repetition with previous years, to please all the audience to please and pleasant combination of taste, beauty and originality.

We offer to your attention an interesting selection about what delicious dishes for the new year can be prepared.

Even the most familiar and traditional dishes can submit a new to choose recipes in the new version and open a guests new tastes of familiar dishes. Do not be afraid to experiment and to deviate from traditional recipes. As the new year opens before us the doors to a new life, you should start with the discovery of new tastes and recipes.

Prepare delicious meals for the new year

We have gathered for you the best Christmas recipes: salads, hot dishes and snacks, desserts and pastries as well as delicious Christmas drinks. Continue reading